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All Dressed Up

5 Oct

I had plans to get some cute photos in my vintage find.

But this little booger wouldn’t let me.


These will have to do.

Dress: J’s grandmother’s wardrobe, Shoes: Forever 21

Next time I’ll plan well in advance. Or I’ll just live in sweats forever.

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What cha wearin’ this Wednesday?

9 Feb

Wednesdays are when I drag my pregnant butt off the couch and put on something nice, there’s No Model Lady to thank for that. Otherwise, my husband might never see anything but sweatpants and t-shirts. We have a lovely weekend in Savannah planned so I am promising myself that I’ll look good (or as good as a knocked up gal can) for him for Valentine’s Day weekend.

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Sparkly top: Express Undershirt: Motherhood Maternity (lol)

Cross Necklace: Body Shop

Bracelets by Jenn

I would just like to add that taking pictures by my lonesome, without a clue as to how to work the automatic function, is very difficult. Just when you think everything is in its place, then snap-

The hair looks a mess! I’ll figure it out one day.

Tune in tomorrow for Valentine gift ideas, date ideas, and more! Ok, maybe not so much the “more” part, but it sounded good.

Dressed up for my first date!

2 Feb

I had to get All Dressed Up today…I had a big date! Today was the first day I got to meet my handsome little man or beautiful baby girl. I had to look good, right?

Top: No idea Undershirt: Target Jeans: Forever 21 Belt: I made it!

Shoes: Belk

And now for the extra special thing I’m sportin’ today…

Apparently, that’s a baby! Just one…for all those who voted that I was having twins, you’ll have to guess again. Can I tell you how wonderful it was to see our baby’s heartbeat? He or She was so active! They took a ton of pictures but the baby just wasn’t enjoying having all that attention. Must be like her/his mama! More on this later.


Before & After

26 Jan

Meet Jilly. She’s the soon to be Mom who has already let herself go. Her wardrobe consists of old college sweatshirts and dingy sweatpants she has had since high school. For the most part, she has been content with the way she looks on a day-to-day basis, but that’s all going to change today.

Today Jilly is getting made-over.

With a little help from the shower, makeup, and closet fairies (no pun intended there), Jilly is a whole new woman. You might even call her fierce.

Top: Express circa 2007, Leggins: Maurice’s

After a few accessories to brighten her day, she’s ready to hit the town (or not).

She might just go back to her spot on the couch and wait till next Wednesday to dress up again. 2nd Trimester, where art thou?

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Don’t Give Up Yet

19 Jan

I’ve been wanting to participate in this lady’s weekly segment, All Dressed Up, for weeks now. But, well, there’s just that one thing keeping me from it…

I never feel cute anymore. The idea is to dress up on Wednesdays in anything that makes you feel good about yourself. How fun!? I’m just having a hard time seeing my chubby little pregnant belly in my normal clothes so I rarely get out of pajamas these days. Terrible, I know. Yesterday, I dizzily meandered to a couple shopping destinations to purchase some bigger shirts that don’t cling to me and they’ve made a world of difference. I can now join society again. Just in time for an Army social tonight! Oh, joy.

10 weeks preggo. I guess you can call this my “Don’t Give Up Yet Look”-

Peace out, girl scouts.