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10 Feb

It feels like breakup outside today. It’s twenty degrees, the sun is shining, there are blue, cloudless skies, and all day I’ve been scared to death because I’ll hear a crashing noise only to look out and see the snow loosening up and collapsing down on the porch from the roof. It’s a much different scenery than a few days ago when it was lightly snowing and a moose grazed into our driveway.

It was a baby so I was hoping to avoid “Mama” wherever she was lurking. I just took pictures from the porch. Anyway, have I mentioned that there’s a crazy amount of static electricity in this cabin? Every single time I walk across the carpet to flip the light switch, I get shocked. It’s no small shock either…there’s almost always a spark. At first it was cool- climbing into bed in the dark seeing sparks flying everywhere. I felt like Harry Potter –“Lumos!” It’s getting old pretty quickly, though. It may sound bizarre, but I think my left thumb has been shocked so many times that it’s not working properly. It hurts when I move it and I can barely support a book with it. It’s really odd. “Riddikulus!”


Inside Our household…

10 Feb

It was requested by Aunt Susie that I add some photos of our new place now that we have furniture. It’s starting to look like a home in here, but we’re still waiting on a few items and finishing touches. Because I’m wide awake at nearly 2 am, I decided I would dig up the ones we have taken and share them all with you.

The last photo is easily my favorite. Check out Captain J’s goofy dance! Just another day in our household.

Life’s Greatest Blessing

2 Feb

I have a clean house. Picture frames of friends and family adorn our walls. There’s wood nearby and a fire for warmth. There are scrapbooking supplies carefully scattered in the floor of the office waiting to be picked up again. Sandals are placed by the door heading out to the hot tub. The music of Chris Tomlin is ringing throughout the cabin. There’s little else that will suffice except to say that life is good!

A week ago, I was concerned about getting our cable hooked up in time to catch all my weekly shows. I haven’t even turned the T.V. on yet. There’s just something about sitting in front of a fire that I made. Some call it fire therapy. Whatever it is, it makes me contemplate all sorts of things. In the mornings I do my daily bible studies by the fire. It doesn’t matter that there’s no furniture. These green fold-out camping chairs and my bible is all I really need. Now, as I sit here peering out the window, waiting on my husband to walk through the door and take off his boots, I’m reminded of the most important part of my life, aside from J.C., which is my family.

In the window sill beside me, there’s a picture frame  that my mom gave me that says, “The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing.” How very true that has been for me. Being away from family and my dear friends is something I never thought I’d be doing for any significant length of time. I didn’t even consider the idea that I would  meet and fall in love with a man in uniform–much less, marry him! Life has directed me on surprising paths, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m so very proud of Jordan and I will always support his career in the Army. Even if it keeps me away from my family and friends, I have faith that it won’t be forever. I am delighted in each new experience here in Alaska, but I also look forward to the next stop that I’m sure will be full of wonderful memories as well.