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Favorite Days

28 Jul

“Describe your favorite day.”

Every form of this question has left me feeling baffled and slightly sad when I heard it asked. Am I supposed to have a very favorite day that sticks out in my mind? Furthermore, should I be answering these questions like a good little lady by saying “my wedding day”? Or as a Christian, “the day I was saved”… Or when I’m a mother, will I say “the day K was born”?

I can’t imagine the latter. Maybe the day after K is born. I’m no masochist.

Still, I can’t imagine choosing one day in my entire life that is the most special to me. Perhaps this is a good thing because it may insinuate that I have many wonderful days, which I do. I’m not sure I could even choose a favorite day this year, but there are many runners-up. Walk down memory lane with me?

Captain J (pictured above) and I were in a small town in Alaska just beginning our journey across America. We were bordering Canada while our friends back in Fairbanks were experiencing an ice storm that debilitated the city for a while. Meanwhile, we were enjoying a mostly snow free experience in Alaska in November, which is almost unheard of for this area. The wind was fierce in that little town. It whipped our faces and watered our eyes as we fought against it with a vengeance. Who else would walk our pups? This day was beautiful to me because we were together, experiencing a quaint town, and marveling in our last taste of Alaska for a long time. It’s one of my favorite days because we were headed to the lower 48 on a journey that had no time constraints. I cherish uninterrupted time with my soldier when I come across it.

Or maybe my favorite day is this one- when we felt warmth on our faces in sunny California for the first time in a long time. We drove the scenic route that meandered along the ocean for miles. Huge crashing waves provided our picture perfect views, waves we just aren’t accustomed to as East Coasters. There was a man in front of us on our drive riding his motorcycle. We got a chance to talk with him; he was discovering our great country with little more than the clothes on his back and the gas in his tank. As we walked away, we day dreamed about having few responsibilities and the freedom to just simply go.

It might have been this day as my brother, sister, and I snuck off to take pictures for my mom as a surprise Christmas gift. Ever terrible liars, Jake and I dodged phone calls from my mom who was questioning the original lie that “we really wanted to try out the new restaurant in Tellico”. Paige didn’t have service that night or if she did it was sketchy at best. Again, I love uninterrupted time with people I love. We took photos, ate, and boy, did we laugh. It was a great day (Note: No, we did not give the above photo as a gift. ha)

Or perhaps it was the day we got to finally announce that a baby would be making his way into the world to my family.

It could have easily been this day when Captain J and I walked hand in hand along Tybee Island in Georgia for Valentine’s Day weekend. We strolled, imagining the next time we took a trip to the beach that we’d have a son or daughter in tow.

This day was so memorable for me, too. Many of my closest friends were in the same place at the same time, a rarity in military life. I prepared a breakfast brunch for them as my mom decorated the back porch to see that everything was perfect! This was to be our last trip back to Tennessee before we moved for the second time in less than a year.

See? These are just a few. I don’t know that I can pick just one special day because God has blessed me with so many.

Do you have a favorite day?


Yeah, I’m leaving GA

20 Jun

If you’re reading this in Real Time*, I am:

  • rolling out of bed, mentally noting the long list of To Do’s we have left
  • packing up the car, yet again, to hit the road
  • scrambling around post getting my medical records
  • returning Charter boxes
  • getting my oil changed before the big trip
  • picking up my doggie pals
  • finally getting on the road to make our move to Ft. Polk
  • jamming to old school boy bands in the privacy of my own car
  • or contemplating what in the heck I forgot this time.

Isn’t moving fun? Ha! In all honesty, Captain J and I are happy about this change in our lives. We welcome a new state with open arms and can only hope that it welcomes us back. I just want to say goodbye to the storm alarm right outside our house, often notifying us of approaching tornados. I’m glad to distance myself from you and so are my nerves.

Peace out, cockroaches. I hope you aren’t overtaking our new home in LA, too. You won’t be missed, you’re not invited to visit, and you aren’t welcome to set up residency there.

Adios to thug-life (or the wanna-be culture) that living in Columbus often brings. Again, I’m none too sad in leaving you, either. My car break-in solidified my disdain for you.

Oh, we’ve had good times, too. I just can’t focus on those right now. Knowing I’m moving farther from my loved ones gets me sad enough- I can’t focus on happy memories right now. Perhaps tomorrow. Or the next day.

Anyway, we are very busy this week, but I’ll try to keep you posted on our PCSing adventures.

In the words of the Zac Brown Band:

“Adios and vaya con dios. Yeah, I’m leaving GA.”

(*Real Time is used to describe any moment on June 20th during the hours of 0700-2300)

Hey, You!

14 Jun

Hey, you…

Yeah, you in your tiny shorts with the long, tan, strong legs running around effortlessly in the Georgia heat.

I don’t like you. Not today.

I’m jealous of your swinging ponytail and glistening forehead. You act like running is a breeze while I sit over here from the confines of my house, afraid to step foot outside. Because when I do, I breathe heavy, Baby K gets mad, and I question ever leaving that cool Alaskan air.

So, go away with your perfectly toned body and leave this pregnant girl in her own misery. Maybe we can be friends in two months, but today is not your day.

The End.

13 Jun

In my recent studies, I came across this verse from Ecclesiastes that seems very fitting today-

“The end of a matter is better than the beginning, and patience is better than pride.” – Ecclesiastes 7:8

The end. Those can be bittersweet words, can’t they? In movies, it’s the point at which we finally feel that homeostasis returning to our bodies. The conflict has been resolved in some way and we can leave the movie in peace, knowing that all is right again in that little world. In our favorite books, we’re often glad to know what happened finally, but regretful that the story is no longer engrossing us.

‘The end’ can be happy or sad, but it is inevitable.

I look forward to so many ends and other beginnings. The end of this move is in sight. Don’t ask me how or why I can see the finish line, but I can. It looks relaxing there. The fact that once we arrive at Ft. Polk (find a doctor and find a house) I still won’t have time to sit down and put my feet up- matters very little. We’ll have a home again. The home that we’ll bring our son home from the hospital to. The home he’ll roll over for the first time. The end of our time here at Ft. Benning.

I’m excited.

I’m trying to have patience and enjoy every single day, but today was difficult for me. I won’t go into detail about all my pregnancy ailments because I know I can get complainy. But being 31 weeks pregnant in 98 degree weather with no furniture to relax on isn’t the only issue I’ve got going on. As I was laying in bed on the evil air mattress that has become my nemesis, I realized, “Mama K, while you were busy preparing to move and working on school work, you forgot about your other class.” That’s right. I signed up for three classes this summer, not two. A little word of advice: When an advisor tells you that you might not want to take on too much at first, LISTEN!

I got out of bed at 1am, hurried my pregnant self to Amazon.com, and frantically began my search for the books I would need for the additional class that starts in two weeks. After finding what I need and consequently spending a fortune to get the books here by Wednesday, you would think I would be able to rest. Not the case.

As you can plainly see, this end will be much better than the beginning. I’m keeping faith in that! The beginning started last Wednesday when all of our belongings were lovingly not so lovingly thrown into boxes and shipped to what will be our third home in the past year. Since then, I’ve endured a lot. No, really. đŸ™‚ Okay, maybe I just feel as if I’ve been through the ringer.

The end of this move looks exciting to me.

Who cares if everyone says our next post is the armpit of the Army? Not this girl. This girl is just thankful for ends and new beginnings.

Lord, grant me patience (but not too much) đŸ˜‰

Mrs. K and the calculated escape plan

13 Jun


Is this thing on?

I feel disconnected from the blogging world. School, family, moving- these are all taking me away from you momentarily. Still, I enjoy having a place to share our lives with all of you. It allows me to revisit many of my fondest memories, especially when I have little recollection of them. I have a terrible memory in case you didn’t know. Sometimes I like this about myself. For instance, I can watch a movie a handful of times and still not remember what happens in the end. It’s great! It’s new to me each time. Other times, this pesky memory problem isn’t so enjoyable.

I think I’m talking writing too much.

I signed into WordPress to tell you about this:

Whoa! That’s one big belly. People keep telling me that it’s only going to get bigger and that’s something that scares me to hear.

How? How can it get any bigger?

I’m going to pop.

You should see me try to execute an escape- from- the- air- mattress plan. It ain’t pretty. It usually involves a calculated roll with some preliminary swinging of the legs to roll me over. If all goes well, my knees end up on the floor while I use my hands to push me up. All the while, I’m breathing like I’m about 600 lbs. and just tried to hula hoop. My hair is usually a mess because I no longer care about brushing it. I’m just trying to get through the day (or the night, for that matter). When I finally make my way to a vertical position, I still have to cradle my huge belly as I high tail it to the bathroom because you know I have to pee every few minutes.

Long story short- I’m wondering how anyone can view pregnancy as an attractive time period in a woman’s life. Sometimes I feel sorry for Captain J to have to wake up to such a hot mess every morning, but then I remember that he can be thanked for this huge protruding belly of mine and I get over that pretty quickly.

65 more days to go!


11 Jun

I love my husband for many reasons.

One of them should be mentioned here now- He’s innovative. Driven. Determined. Logistical.

You may be thinking, of course he is- He’s a U.S. Army Officer. Mmmkay, scratch that. You probably weren’t thinking that.

Anyway, the point is he provides for this little family in any way he can. This past week he has really stepped up to the plate in trying to make our home for the time being, a home. The other day he got this brilliant idea to make his own grill using materials around the house. I thought he was batty and was ready to simply check out some to-go menus when he proclaimed, “I’m going to pick up some steaks.”

Oh, gracious.

I thought, “There’s no tellin’ what I’m going to have to eat tonight”, but I said, “Okay, love you! I’m staying here” {in the air conditioning, thank you}.

By nightfall we had quite the feast.

We had steak, grilled onions and cucumbers, complete with a candlelit ambience. All eaten on paper plates and a large Army tote, it was perfect.

It doesn’t take much to have a nice evening with my husband, though. We enjoyed the rare breeze that a June night in Georgia offered us by sitting in camping chairs outside, watching the dogs play, and talking while the food cooked. Pretty soon, quiet evenings such as this will cease to exist with the arrival of Baby K. Better enjoy it while we can!

It’s days like these I like to store away in my memory forever.

Mind elsewhere

10 Jun

I could really use some of this:

Or one of these:

Or perhaps a porch with friends nearby:

All of which were provided at my third and final baby shower that my mother-in-law put together for Baby K and me. Oh, to be enjoying that day instead of writing papers and reading books (of the not so fun persuasion)! Yes, I’d much rather be lounging around the pool with a plate of good food instead of making plans to eat out…again. Having limited utinsels to cook with is troublesome. LA in ten days!

My mind is elsewhere. Where’s yours?