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Dog Days of Summer

27 Jul

Ruff, Ruff!

That’s what our lives have been since we’ve moved here in LA. This is Drifter speaking. Let me tell ya…it’s hot. I like it here, though. There’s lots of room to run and play!

My sister, Holly and I get lots more positive attention here because I’m not constantly destroying the house and yard anymore. There’s too many other things to do! Like pick fruit and chew it!

Or wrestling with my big sis…

Yes, Louisiana is alright with us. We like it here-

How could we not?

P.S.- I keep hearin’ about having a brother around soon, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Mom just looks fat to me.




Fireworks and Food

7 Jul

On the fourth of July, Captain J and I spent the day with our neighbor across the street. She’s a single mother of three and quite the firecracker! She is funny and incredibly generous with her offers to play dog catcher, cook, and furniture supplier for us.

Our dogs are often putting us in scenarios that allow us to meet other people.  I can thank Drifter and Holly for the majority of my friends I made in Alaska because I met them at the dog park! It has been no different here. My dogs like to run over to their house and play with their dog, Budweiser. Anyway, after chatting several times outside on hot Louisiana days, she called us up one day and invited us to celebrate the fourth with her.

The food was amazing. Ribs, hot dogs, hamburgers, pork loin, deviled eggs, dumplins, pickles…you name it, she had it.

We stayed for a few hours, ate, and swam and then walked across the street to get ready for the fireworks show in town. I took lots of photos of the event, but sadly I can’t get them to upload.

The small town feel made my heart smile. A Christian band was playing as everyone walked around and talked with one another. The kids spent their time jumping in a gigantic blow up play thingy at the end of the blocked off street. The humidity was 100% and the fire ants were out in full force, but we still managed to have a good time. As the fireworks started, I could help but to think about how lucky I am to be born in this country and now I’m married to a soldier who has defended her. It’s a good feeling. Every time the music starts up and the bright colors burst in the sky, I feel like crying happy tears.

Or then again, maybe it’s just my crazy pregnant hormones.

Either way, I know I’m blessed. I hope you all had a great July 4th Weekend!


Fair warning: most of this post is complainy

30 Jun

Oh, how I wish I had good news.

I don’t. I got nothin’.

Actually, that’s not entirely true, but I’ll leave that for last. Today, we were supposed to get our internet hooked up. After their “window” of time had closed shut, we called AT&T to ask why they never showed. Their response was that they didn’t provide internet in our area.

(Ok, so why did you allow us to make an appointment for that?)

Anyway, long story short…

AT&T says that they’ll be able to send someone out to survey the area and see if they could hook it up in our neck of the woods. Great. Perfect. But then they said they couldn’t send anyone for up to 10 more business days. And then there’s the chance that we would wait just to hear that it wasn’t an option.

This does not work for two graduate students attending online courses.

We don’t exactly trust AT&T after they neglected to actually call and cancel our appointment so now the only positive that was in my week is gone. I have no idea how I’m going to get these two research papers done without internet access at home. I can either spend time at the local library (with time restrictions on computer usage) or set up shop in a hotel again and use their internet.

I’ve been so annoyed recently. It’s just so expensive to pick up and move, especially after we just did it 8 months ago. Now, we’re wasting money on eating out (b/c we don’t have our pots/pans/etc), we’ll inevitably waste money on a hotel room b/c we need internet (b/c the Army will only pay for ten days), and then there are all the little expenses that add up.

We’re just completely broke at this point and that’s never an easy feeling when you’re getting ready to have another mouth to feed. I just pray that Baby K continues to get a healthy report. Heaven forbid they have to put me on bedrest or something because I DON’T HAVE A BED!

I have been really disappointed with this move because I don’t think waiting for a month on our furniture is the best they can do. We drove ten hours. It didn’t take us a month to get here. I know others are waiting on their belongings, too…but I can’t explain to you how much it sucks to be 8 months pregnant with nothing but the floor to sit on.

And that concludes my complaining for the day. Please forgive me.

The good news is- I talked to a midwife today who pulled strings, stepped on toes, and moved over some appointments just to fit me in. I love her soul. My appointment with the OB is tomorrow morning and I have an ultrasound appointment on July 7th! Woo hoo 🙂 Hoping for good news! *I would just like to add that Ft. Polk’s hospital staff has been very helpful. I’m definitely pleased with their service in helping me into the system so quickly and efficiently.

As promised, here are some photos of our new place-

He’s weird, but I love him.

Our backyard is huge. Drifter and Holly love it here. I have new pics of them, too but I’ll have to post those later. It’s Mrs. K’s bedtime.

hi, ho, hi, ho

23 Jun

Whew! The last few days have been interesting. The rest of our drive to Ft. Polk was terrifying. I know storms plagued most of us in the central and eastern states. It was no different for us. There were a couple of times I thought I was a goner. The storms came like curtains of rain. I would look out in front of me and see it waving around like the stage was being set and the curtains were about to close. I was sure it was the end of me.

But, then the skies parted and I realized I had at least a few more minutes left.

It continued to rain as we drove into LA. We hoped it wasn’t symbolic or anything.

As we began our search for housing, thus began the worry. The money that the Army allocates for housing off post here is inadequate, to say the least. The properties in our price range were pitiful. A ridiculous amount of money for rent was required for very dirty, very broken down houses in bad neighborhoods. It wasn’t looking good.

But I kept my happy face on (can’t say the same for my husband) and knew it would all work out. I’m sure J was wondering, “Who is this woman and what has she done with my wife?”

What can I say? I’m trying out this new glass half full thing and it looks good on me.

Anyway, I was almost prepared to get my cleaning boots on and deal with those icky houses that seemed like the norm around here. But J wasn’t having it. We decided we would spend a little more money so that we could be more comfortable and have a clean, safe place for Baby K to come home to.

We found a lovely home- 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a gigantic backyard for Drifter and Holly. It’s pretty awesome. The yard is about as big as the dog park back in Fairbanks that they loved so much. They’ll be happy there!

And I think we will be, too.

The downside?

Our furniture won’t be delivered until July 12th. Thanks, U.S. Army. Baby K and I really appreciate that. It’s back to the air mattress we go. Hi, ho, hi, ho.

(If you don’t hear from me, fear not. I might be without internet access for a few days.)

tail, face, tail, face…

9 Jun

Some things in life just don’t mix. Ketchup and chocolate, for instance. Both great. Not together.

I have discovered a few more things in life (over the last twenty four hours)
that shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence and I think they deserve a warning for all of you:

1. 3rd trimester and blow-up mattress. ‘Nuff said.

2. Part- wolf dogs and no furniture.

Need an explanation? Well, let’s just say that it’s not even 9am and I’m completely tired of having a husky tail in my face, then a husky face, then a tail, then a face. If they don’t quit pacing, I might go insane.

3. Cereal and zero eating utinsils to speak of. That’s no good either.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. I must retire to the library and study. I’m hoping to get ahead so that I won’t be entirely stressed out during our drive to LA. Before we part, I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my very first Army wife friend I made when I joined this military family journey. Nicole, I hope you have a fabulous day!

Dog Savior

20 May

See this face?


And what about this one?


If I didn’t deserve their looks of adoration and their greetings each time I walked into the room before, I surely do now.

I saved their lives.

Even though the two troublemakers were driving me bonkers, I just didn’t want to send them back out to their pen. It’s hot outside, y’all and my two little Alaskans can’t take the heat. I brought them inside during their mandatory outside time (read: Mrs. K’s saving of sanity time) and I’m glad I did because…

a tree fell on their little home in the corner of the yard. The large tree landed right where my dear Holly curls up to sleep in her little husky ball. She surely would have been crunched. Then I would have been stuck with this one-

and let’s face it, when he’s an only (dog) child his life expectancy plummets.

Never a dull moment ’round these parts.

A plus

26 Apr

Yesterday, I went to pick up Drifter and Holly after our hiatus to sunny Florida. We tried out a new boarding company because the last one we used caged them all day with no chance to play with other furry friends. Not cool.

Captain J opened the door to the facility with a little trepidation. We hoped our pups got a good report card after all the bragging I did on their behavior with other doggies on the application form.

The gentleman at the counter began checking us out and closing our transaction as he said, “I’ve dealt with huskies before and two can be a real pain in the a**…”

[Insert incredibly awkward, uncomfortable pause]

“…but these two were great! I’ll watch them for you anytime.”

Whew! Catch these two on a bad day and his comment could have been a totally different story.

Like a proud Mama, I acted like my angels were always just that- perfect little angels. Inside, I was a little dumbfounded. Most people don’t describe my dogs as well behaved. Poor D-Nugget and Holly dog. They probably were just happy to get out of the four walls of our living room for a couple days to play with other creatures of the k-9 persuasion.

We’re longing for dog parks and huge fenced in yards at our next duty station. Send your positive thinking powers our way!


Mrs. K, Captain J, Holly, and Drifter