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What’s On My Tele?

8 Feb

I haven’t really kept you in the loop about what is going on in my life due to my other projects so I thought I’d participate in- What’s On My Phone

I have quite a few funny photos to share- some old, some new, some borrowed, some blue. Ok, there’s no wedding pictures on here, but my mom did send me a few the other night as she walked down memory lane and I saved them to my phone because I want to keep them forever.

Where shall I start?

How bout here? My brother went on his first real date:

Aren’t they cute? He was cute here, too but clearly more trouble-

It makes me feel old, in a way, to hear that he is actually dating. I remember the chubby cheeked little toddler who would run as fast as he could to get to mine and my sister’s rooms just in time for a door to the face. Adolescent girls do not want to hang with snotty nose little brothers! But as I got older and he did, too- I’ve realized he is the best brother a girl could ask for. He really is a good kid and I know he’ll go far in life…because, well, he’s awesome and that’s just what we do in my family 😉

Here’s a photo of the 3 siblings. I’ll give you one guess which one I am-

No, I’m not the cute little diva in blue- that’s my sister. I would be the awkward California Raisin on the right. I told you I’ve always loved Halloween!

I’ve also always loved to check myself with cameras instead of mirrors. Cameras, for me, always give the worst possible image back. I could start the day feeling pretty good about myself and then I snap a photo and the little facade ends. Cameras portray what everyone else sees while a mirror just shows me what I see- that’s why I like to check myself before I leave the house. Here are two pictures that I never deleted where I am doing just that:

I never claimed to not be weird. The above picture was taken just before our trip to Calloway Gardens this past weekend. We had a nice time, but are looking forward to going back in the spring when all is in full bloom!

Another sweet moment from this past week was when my dearie played his guitar for me and sang a bit-

I’m one lucky gal. One of these days, I’ll post a 13 week photo for you to show my progress, but taking pictures of my ever growing belly isn’t high on my list of favorite things to do. In fact, I’m already dreaming of when that sweet baby is in my arms and I can start working towards this goal:

Hot Mama! haha 🙂 This is my mom awhile back. I just can’t wait to feel skinny again! Well, that’s about all I’ve got for you today, but I’ll leave you with a video I took on my phone of Drifter. He was very confused about the sound J’s marker was making. I love his little head tilt!



the Tele, my celly

17 Nov

If you have the pleasure of knowing me IRL (the fact that I just used an acronym for that makes me an automatic weirdo), you know that I have my phone on me constantly. It may not be on or the ringer may be turned off, but you can betcha (insert Palin accent) I’ve got it with me because I can’t really function without it. It isn’t the constant need to stay in contact with all my people, it’s actually more of a tool I use on a daily basis.

Am I really going into detail about why I love my phone? I’ll stop now, but the point is…

My phone is cool and I use it a lot which is why I was delighted to find that I wasn’t the only one: (Check out this blog hop- What’s on Jessica’s phone) Anywho, this is MY blog therefore this is appropriately deemed What’s On Mrs. K’s Phone-

In the spirit of Christmas, I decided to choose random holiday photos of Christmases past. Without further ado, here’s photo numero uno…

The Funniest Card

The Ugliest Sweater

The Sweetest Gift

Christmas of 2008, Captain J was in Iraq. My aunt Karmen’s preschool class put together this crafty tree/banner to send to him and the rest of the guys to bring them Christmas cheer during the holiday season. Each hand gave advice, thank you’s or words of encouragement from all the youngsters. The soldiers loved reading them!

And last but certainly not least, here’s a recent video (recent as in recorded earlier today!) of all the lovely snow in our neck of the woods. Can you believe it was -9 degrees when we were packing up the truck today?! Boosh! (Side note: I’m really weird. I’ve accepted that and I hope you will, too although it looks like my husband clearly hasn’t…):

Isn’t this place a perfect winter wonderland? I’m not too sure I’m dreaming of a white Christmas this year, though…more like a Tender Tennessee Christmas!

Ahh, that sounds good.



12 Nov

the awesome power of the iphone. You might not believe a word that I’m about to say what I’m about to tell you, but as sure as the day is long- It’s the gospel truth.

Remember that trip to Valdez we took back in March? You know, the one where I lost my iphone in the snowy drifts of an Alaskan winter? Yeah, I had forgotten all about that, too. I try to block those things out if at all possible. Who wants to recall losing a couple hundred dollars? Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the first time that I’ve been forced to move on after the loss of a beloved iphone.

Anyway, I was happily visiting family in September when a 907 number popped up on my caller id. I didn’t answer because I screen phone calls due to my overwhelming popularity was enjoying a dinner and that would be rude, no? After leaving the dinner party, I picked up my cell to listen to the voicemail that the ominous 907 number left. I hear a man’s voice on the phone saying that he has my iphone. I think to myself, ‘ um, actually it’s pressed up against my ear, silly man…’

Then a faint memory crosses my brain of a time when I had another iphone.

Turns out, this man was walking along the road on a break from work when he saw something blue in the grass. He picks up the phone, charges it that evening, and voila! The iphone comes on!

At first thought, you may think this isn’t so impressive but I assure you that you’d be wrong. If you evaluated all the elements working against this apple creation, you might change your mind. This phone withstood forty below zero temps. It was laid to rest in snow where it stayed through breakup- which is just a feat in itself. Then summer rolled around and it was one of the wettest summers I’ve ever experienced! It rained so much, but it was all small potatoes for this iphone.

I was pretty pumped to receive my little jewel in the mail last week. Most of the Alaskans I’ve come in contact with are so incredibly kind and this man was no different. He could have easily kept the phone for himself, but instead he called me so that he could return it. It made this girl really happy to have all my cutesy pictures of Drifter as a tiny pup back in my possession.

Here’s to you, Apple. You never cease to impress me.

Yummy Those Gummies

27 Jan

There went two hours of my life that I’ll never get back. I had to get enrolled in the insurance program with the army today so I went over to the hospital on post to take care of that. Jordan dropped me off and it took all of 15 minutes to accomplish. We estimated that it would take much longer. He had a meeting so I sat in the entry way and ate a whole bag of gummy worms out of boredom. I did listen to a sweet podcast on my iphone about our heavenly home so at least my mind was partly occupied for awhile.

I took a photo of the scarf I’m attempting for the MissImagination forum I’m a part of. Here it is (still incomplete)-

I guess I’m proud of it. It’s nice to attempt new activities. Hopefully I’ll get better at it as I spend more time knitting. Well, there’s not much new with me. Tomorrow is the big day when we can finally go over to our new place and start measuring and moving in. Friday will probably be when we (ahem..”I”) actually start moving most of our belongings over. Jordan will be working that day. I don’t mind, of course, it gives me something to do. Before I left the apartment today I started playing with my webcam- taking photos- because I was so bored…

Still in my robe 🙂 Hehe This is what happens when he leaves for work. I need to get involved in some volunteer work around Fairbanks. Anyone know of anything worthwhile? I googled some organizations that I might try out a few hours a week. I know I really need to get a real job, as well. I took a break from looking today, though. I keep getting texts asking if I’m still interested in the job that I applied for and if so to call 1-800… It’s driving me bonkers. Not much new to report on my end.