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Giggles and “stuff”

12 Jul

Can’t talk today. It’s gonna be a busy day (or at least it better be!).

Today is the day our “stuff” finally arrives from Ft. Benning.

Or at least it better.

Otherwise, I might have to show my ugly side. It’s been over a month, ya know. No place for the poor pregnant lady to sleep. They ought to be ashamed.

Speaking of ugly, here’s some photos that tend to crack me up. The Cap’n and I got really bored without that “stuff” of ours so we took some funny photos. I hope they make you giggle, too!

First, we created a comic book page-

Then, some silly settings were in order-

Oh, and I’ll give you one guess who thought this photo would be a good idea-

(Hint: It wasn’t me)

Anyway, I’m going to get back to my hoping-the-movers-show mentality. Wish us luck. Y’all come back tomorrow, mmkay? Otherwise, I’m sending these two your way…


hi, ho, hi, ho

23 Jun

Whew! The last few days have been interesting. The rest of our drive to Ft. Polk was terrifying. I know storms plagued most of us in the central and eastern states. It was no different for us. There were a couple of times I thought I was a goner. The storms came like curtains of rain. I would look out in front of me and see it waving around like the stage was being set and the curtains were about to close. I was sure it was the end of me.

But, then the skies parted and I realized I had at least a few more minutes left.

It continued to rain as we drove into LA. We hoped it wasn’t symbolic or anything.

As we began our search for housing, thus began the worry. The money that the Army allocates for housing off post here is inadequate, to say the least. The properties in our price range were pitiful. A ridiculous amount of money for rent was required for very dirty, very broken down houses in bad neighborhoods. It wasn’t looking good.

But I kept my happy face on (can’t say the same for my husband) and knew it would all work out. I’m sure J was wondering, “Who is this woman and what has she done with my wife?”

What can I say? I’m trying out this new glass half full thing and it looks good on me.

Anyway, I was almost prepared to get my cleaning boots on and deal with those icky houses that seemed like the norm around here. But J wasn’t having it. We decided we would spend a little more money so that we could be more comfortable and have a clean, safe place for Baby K to come home to.

We found a lovely home- 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a gigantic backyard for Drifter and Holly. It’s pretty awesome. The yard is about as big as the dog park back in Fairbanks that they loved so much. They’ll be happy there!

And I think we will be, too.

The downside?

Our furniture won’t be delivered until July 12th. Thanks, U.S. Army. Baby K and I really appreciate that. It’s back to the air mattress we go. Hi, ho, hi, ho.

(If you don’t hear from me, fear not. I might be without internet access for a few days.)


20 Jun

Today has been so long. Tis why I’m only giving you a few meaningless sentences in hopes you’ll forgive me for not updating you more thoroughly.

All this is an assumption that you care where I’m at and what I’m doing.

Oh, well.

We’re in Mobile, Alabama. We found a glorious hotel. It’s nice AND they allow pets. The bed is tall and squishy with lots of pillows and I cannot wait to plop my big butt down on it and not move for at least 8 hours.

The drive wasn’t so bad. My back began to hurt after awhile, but other than that, I did pretty well. We stopped along the way so I could walk around.

And the pups! They needed some sporadic exercise, too.

When we arrived at our destination, Captain J and I found a tasty restaurant that served some good ole southern barbeque! This is one thing that I missed when we were stationed in AK. Coming back to the south and their BBQ and sweet tea is a good thing- a very good thing.

Great, now I want a sweet tea…and I can’t have one for at least two more months.

I digress.

And I’ve got to jet. I have a wonderful REAL bed that is calling my name.

But here’s a photo that I took (while parked) in the car to symbolize our migration to Louisiana…

We’ll chat soon, mmkay?


Mrs. K


4 Jun

Shh…Don’t tell anyone, least of all my mom-

but I miss my red hair. I know, I know. I’m a blonde and I should stay that way. But after Baby K is born and the mood strikes me, I might just go red for fall.

Oh, and this was totally the post I was looking for yesterday when I was writing about moving. This photo says it all, though-

Red heads are sassy. They’re their own woman. See photo above as evidence. I could use some of that confidence to get me through all these new changes headed my way.

Perhaps it will give me a new spring in my step.

Anyway, have you entered my giveaway yet? Today is the last day to do so. Also, for another chance to win the same prize, head on over to Our Navy Nest and register there, too! Her giveaway is lasting a bit longer than mine. Good luck and God speed to you, my friends.

Baby Steps

3 Jun

Now, listen closely because I don’t say this often: Being pregnant has its perks…especially when one is in the process of moving houses. Might I remind you that this is my second move during this pregnancy? This means that I could take it easy unpacking our belongings when they arrived from Alaska. It also means that I will be sittin’ back to relax when the movers and J pack up again next week to transfer us from Georgia to Louisiana.

Might I also remind you that I moved our entire life all by my lonesome in ten degree weather, complete with icy steps and very cold fingers?

This is precisely why I secretly enjoyed watching the following baby steps unfold:


It was at least ninety degrees during this moving process (hahahah!). Being in the delicate condition that I’m in, I couldn’t possibly help him.

Nope, my only duty was to you, my readers, in documenting this spectacle. Wondering what is in that big ole box? It’s more furniture for Baby K! I’m so excited to get his room set up eventually. First, we have to find him a room, though. Baby steps.

I think I’ll take a ten degree moving day over ninety plus any ole day, however, we’re moving to the wrong state for that, huh?

True Alaskan?

1 Feb

My weekend consisted of not much else more than packing and unpacking, cleaning then re-cleaning. Needless to say, I’m glad we’re moved in. Now if Thursday could hurry up and get here.

The past few days I have felt like I embodied two very different people. First of all, I felt a bit like a real Alaskan. I mean, who else is thankful for two degrees above zero on moving day? I was walking around outside in a three quarter length button up and was still pretty toasty. It’s so strange how one can grow accoustomed to their surroundings. I remember when ten degrees was barely heard of in Tennessee, now it feels like a heat wave.

I also felt like this guy-

This is Gus from Disney’s Cinderella. Ya know the part when he is trying to grab as much food as he possibly can and is attempting to hold the huge stack under his chin? Yep, that was me on Friday. Taking boxes and stacking them up, praying they wouldn’t fall and break in two. I sure am glad to have that over. Oh, how I look forward to having the Army pack us up and move us next time.

Today wasn’t such a great day. I had plans to get so much accomplished, but I became discouraged after having to waste time at the hospital so I came home to blog with only four tasks marked off my list. Oh well…baby steps. There is good news to report, though! I have an interview on Wednesday with a church on post. They need help around the chapel…mostly with the children’s classes. The hours are good (it’s part time) and it’s convienient for Jordan because I can ride to work with him instead of him having to drive the jeep in the cold. It would be nice to have another income so wish me luck!

Back to the To Do List-I go. Au Revoir!

Adios Hotel, Hello Home

28 Jan

One would think that the moving process would be bittersweet. Shouldn’t I reflect back on first walking through the door of our Home Sweet Hotel? Ehh, perhaps that will come later. In this moment, I feel like dancin’ a jig!

I’ve been packing up today and lemme tell ya…I’ve noticed a few items of J’s that I wouldn’t lose sleep over if they broke during the big move 🙂 For example:

Good grief. I don’t even know what that thing is! Haha. I think J’s brother Jesse got it for him on one of his many traveling adventures. (No offense Jess) I guess I just don’t see the beauty of it! 🙂

We are headed over to the new place tonight to get the keys. I’m so happy to be leaving this apartment. It’s a nice feeling to have our own furniture now. Purchasing pieces of furniture that we will have for many years to come is exciting. Who knows what bends and curves our lives will take with this new furniture? Who knows the places it will go? With the army involved, my bet is that it really gets around!

I rest well at night knowing I will only have to look at this a few more times ( if I could be so lucky) in my entire life:

Ahh, the “rug on a stick.” This was the very first decorative item I attempted to take down when I first moved us into the hotel suite. Cheap decorating tips at their finest. It’s truly hideous. Adios, rug on a stick!

Hello, home.