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Christmas Craft Part 2

3 Dec

Today, I learned I’m no Martha Stewart.

I saw this cutesy pin on Pinterest from Ms. Stewart’s website:

And it looked so easy I just had to give it a whirl. I didn’t plan enough and well, my ornament was a big fat fail. The hot glue I decided to use peeled right off in no time and the pretty paper fell to the floor along with the pine needles from our live tree. Oh, well. Maybe I’ll put a little more effort into in next time. Still, I hung the cookie cutter on our tree because we’re still trying to fill the many branches of our perfectly humongous tree.

It’s looking a bit bare toward the back of the tree, but we’re working on it.

I do love an over-decorated tree, ya know? Or is there such thing?

Anyway, not one to quit crafting before I created something lovely I like…

I made this snowflake ornament-

I just cut up large strips of Christmas(sy) scrapbook paper and arranged them inside a plain glass ornament with my pinky finger. Talk about decorating on a budget!

(I know what you’re thinking- “She wasn’t talking about decorating on a budget. Awkward.”)

I also used what’s around me to my advantage. There are pine cones all over my yard so I’ll definitely be putting them to good use in the future, too.

Have fun creating, y’all!


Christmas Craft

24 Nov

If you like my page on facebook, you probably already know that I’ve been Christmas crafting! I become a giddy little school girl at the mention of Christmas and all its possibility. Throw in pinterest and I’m in Heaven. I saw several pins with ideas to repurpose old wine bottles. You know I’ve got lots of those! I found some cutesy stuff, but nothing really inspired me. I had so much fun creating these for Halloween-

that I knew I wanted to paint more wine bottles for the most wonderful time of the year. Because nothing says Christmas like old booze. I’m kidding.


I thought it’d be funny to stuff Santa head first into a chimney:

…so that’s what I did. I’m no artist, but I had fun creating 🙂

More Christmas cheer to come.


Mrs. K


21 Oct

Not much has happened in our neck of the woods. We’re enjoying (slightly) cooler weather by breaking out our sweatshirts only to shed them by noon when it’s in the 80’s again. There have been a couple of times that the temperatures have dropped to the forties at night and we’ve snuggled around a fire (Hey! Any excuse for some fire therapy is okay by me). In fact, that’s what we’re doing right now–enjoying some hot cider with a fire nearby.

Fall is my favorite season. I love to watch the beautiful colors come out. Sadly, there’s not much of that here in Louisiana, but we’re able to celebrate fall in other ways. For example:

Do yourself a favor and whip up some pumpkin muffins. Just mix a can of pumpkin with a box of spice cake mix and voila! Yummy fall treat.

Last night I watched a friend’s little one while she went to a concert at Ft. Polk. Her daughter and I had loads of fun creating fall decorations with paint!

Speaking of lazy fall days, I’ve even been able to catch up on some reading. It’s been amazing to be able to read books that I actually want to read. I had a week off from school this week and it has been glorious. My grades from last semester came in and I’m happy to report that the 4.0 still stands! For those of you who don’t know, I’m an idiot occasionally scatterbrained and turned in the wrong paper to my professor. Graciously, she allowed me to re-do it and still gave me a perfect score. Originally, she only gave me 20 points out of 200. I was so relieved with my new grade because otherwise I would have failed the class, dropping my GPA dramatically. Next class starts on Monday and I still haven’t received my school books. 😦 I’m going to be behind in the first week. It seems like I’m constantly behind now. It could have something to do with this little guy who is as cute as ever these days:

Completely worth it, though. I cannot tell you how much I love these bottles. After writing this post the other day, I randomly decided I would give nursing (directly) another try. I haven’t breast fed Baby K this way in over a month, but tonight I was in pain from hyperlactation and he was ready to eat so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try. I was sure that there was no way he would accept this form of feeding again, but he did. I was so happy! This gives me much more flexibility and I attribute it all to Tommee Tippee (and the brilliance of my small son) 😉 I’m now feeling much better and I think he is, too. He doesn’t seem to have belly troubles after feedings now, although he still spits up a bit.

I realize I just gave you a yummy recipe and then talked about baby puke in the next breath. I think that makes me a mommy blogger officially?

Stick around, y’all. One day I’ll post something riveting that will blow your mind. It’s just not today.

Dark DIY Decor

12 Oct

Seriously, how cute is this?

On Monday, Captain J had the day off so I was able to get some crafting done. I had so much fun. Dork?

The only thing I purchased was black and white paint. I had the rest of the stuff laying around the house. That means you probably do, too so get to crafting!

I just really super duper love Halloween.

Halloween Crafts and Costume Ideas

11 Oct

Y’all know how I love Halloween, right? I do, I do, I really really doooo! To get in the festive spirit, I thought I’d direct you to a few posts I made last year for your viewing pleasure…

Are you crafty? Suppose you want to be? Here’s a cute idea for a “Some mummy loves you” card I put together. Directions are here. It’s perfect for your hunny or your child!

Maybe you need a super easy and cute costume idea? Look no further, people:

It’s Cindy Lou Who! All you need is some wire, longish hair, a ribbon, a foam cylinder or triangle, and some cute PJ’s (Post here).This was awfully cute and precious, but I decided not to be Cindy Lou Who after this. I was feeling much more bad to the bone so instead I came up with this:

Goodwill is my friend this time of year (Post here).

I’ve been a great many things over the years including a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader:

a California Raisin, the Road Runner, witches, princesses, football players, a genie, and many other things.

I’ve been trick-or-treating for about 25 years now and I’m afraid my time has come to an end (for now anyway). This year our plans are to stay at home (dressed up of course) and hope that all sorts of little munchkins come knocking on our door for candy. I guess I’m growing up as much as I hate to. I can still have fun, though! So here’s my question to you, what should Mrs. K’s clan be for Halloween? Any ideas?

We need some creativity!

P.S.- Stay tuned tomorrow for a post showing my latest creative adventures. I repurposed items found around the house to make a super cute Halloween entry way!

growing on me

28 Aug

There are some days when I think that we miraculously have the most well-behaved, happy baby in the world. There are others when I feel so helpless because I can’t get him to sleep or he is screaming and I can’t figure out why. It breaks my heart to feel like I can’t help him. The last twenty four hours have been like that. He actually slept great after he finally went down for the count, but the hours between 10pm-1am were dreadful. He couldn’t be consoled. Now, he’s been awake all morning which is fine since he isn’t complaining too much. I just worry about him. All the books I’ve read said that the parent is to teach the child how to sleep and I don’t think I’m doing a very good job of that. Perhaps he is just getting older and experiencing more awake time. Let’s be honest…I don’t know. I’ve never done this before.

Anyway, we have had some pleasant moments over the last few days.

Friday I got the notion that Baby K needed a mobile and by golly I was going to create one for him. Ft. Polk is devoid of craft stores (insane!) so I was left to use whatever I had around the house. I had dreams of beautiful, perfect mobiles as I perused Pinterest, but my little rinkity ole mobile just didn’t measure up. It’s not terribly unfortunate looking, though so I hung it up anyway. Besides, it’s growing on me.

That’s not the only thing growing on me! Just take a look at this little scholar:

Reading already! Sorta. We have added this activity to his nightly bedtime routine. Ignore the blurriness. A certain Captain J still hasn’t taught me how to use his fancy camera. Back to Baby K…He had his two week appointment last week and he has already gained over a pound. Mama was so proud! I had to limit myself from updating facebook to let the world know because I’m pretty sure no one cares, but his Mom and Dad were definitely impressed with the way he’s thriving 🙂

Now if you’ll excuse me, I must do some house work. I folded a blanket earlier and three dust bunnies flew. Eek!

Spread the Love

10 Feb

I got a couple of emails asking for creative date and gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. I was drawing a blank for the longest time. It’s difficult to come up with something fun and new when I follow this amazing blog that does all the thinking for me – The Dating Divas.

At their blog, you may find cute ways to make your man feel special- like this:

If you’re into card making (and who isn’t on Valentine’s Day?!), here’s a super cute idea

Or browse around their Romantic Rendezvous section to find a perfect date night for you and your hubby. The divas provide printouts for a lot of the dates and crafts so you really don’t have to spend much time making what you’ll need. These are quick and easy!

Like I said, I was just drawing blanks. I’m not feeling very creative! I stressed over what I would do for Captain J. He really is so hard to buy for because if he wants something- he just gets it himself. I really have to concentrate to be thoughtful! ha. Anyway, as I mentioned yesterday, Captain J and I are spending a romantic weekend in Savannah for Valentine’s Day so we didn’t want to spend too much on gifts. I decided I would get him a few small things to let him know I was thinking of him:

This, he’ll love. Because our Alaska fishing supplies won’t really be efficient here in the south, I decided to update his tackle box. I bought a cheap container and filled it with lures that I thought might be helpful. Now, he might be headed back to the store for something totally different, but it’s the thought that counts, right? I don’t know what happened to using live bait or food, but whatever! I included the receipt in case he might want to exchange.

I used rubber stamps on a lot of these gifts because my cricut bit the dust. I’m really annoyed with it! It just stopped cutting. Has this happened to any of you? It goes through the motions but the blade doesn’t extend. What a time for it not to work! Hmf!

The next crafty idea I cannot take credit for.

I got ideas from this “Bottle of Love” project found here:

For Captain J’s bottle, I used pink and red starbursts and pink and red kisses. He’s not into sweets so I’m guessing he’ll share the chocolate with me and he’ll take over the chewy fruity treats!

I also wrapped up a few other treats-

The kiss me package is cherry chapstick. I provided a ring (pop) because I know he’s going to want me to marry him all over again after I give him fishing supplies for Valentine’s Day.

And there you have it! I plan on buying a few other practical items to slip into the bag (Isn’t that bag too cute? I got it on clearance for 77 cents!) and also making his Valentine card, but I haven’t done that yet. This is all I’ve got so far. Anyone have any bag stuffer suggestions? I’d be all ears.

For more tutorials visit Erratically Elizabeth’s post Tutorial Tuesdays.

Thanks for viewing! I hope these links help. Spread the love!