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21 Oct

Not much has happened in our neck of the woods. We’re enjoying (slightly) cooler weather by breaking out our sweatshirts only to shed them by noon when it’s in the 80’s again. There have been a couple of times that the temperatures have dropped to the forties at night and we’ve snuggled around a fire (Hey! Any excuse for some fire therapy is okay by me). In fact, that’s what we’re doing right now–enjoying some hot cider with a fire nearby.

Fall is my favorite season. I love to watch the beautiful colors come out. Sadly, there’s not much of that here in Louisiana, but we’re able to celebrate fall in other ways. For example:

Do yourself a favor and whip up some pumpkin muffins. Just mix a can of pumpkin with a box of spice cake mix and voila! Yummy fall treat.

Last night I watched a friend’s little one while she went to a concert at Ft. Polk. Her daughter and I had loads of fun creating fall decorations with paint!

Speaking of lazy fall days, I’ve even been able to catch up on some reading. It’s been amazing to be able to read books that I actually want to read. I had a week off from school this week and it has been glorious. My grades from last semester came in and I’m happy to report that the 4.0 still stands! For those of you who don’t know, I’m an idiot occasionally scatterbrained and turned in the wrong paper to my professor. Graciously, she allowed me to re-do it and still gave me a perfect score. Originally, she only gave me 20 points out of 200. I was so relieved with my new grade because otherwise I would have failed the class, dropping my GPA dramatically. Next class starts on Monday and I still haven’t received my school books. 😦 I’m going to be behind in the first week. It seems like I’m constantly behind now. It could have something to do with this little guy who is as cute as ever these days:

Completely worth it, though. I cannot tell you how much I love these bottles. After writing this post the other day, I randomly decided I would give nursing (directly) another try. I haven’t breast fed Baby K this way in over a month, but tonight I was in pain from hyperlactation and he was ready to eat so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try. I was sure that there was no way he would accept this form of feeding again, but he did. I was so happy! This gives me much more flexibility and I attribute it all to Tommee Tippee (and the brilliance of my small son) 😉 I’m now feeling much better and I think he is, too. He doesn’t seem to have belly troubles after feedings now, although he still spits up a bit.

I realize I just gave you a yummy recipe and then talked about baby puke in the next breath. I think that makes me a mommy blogger officially?

Stick around, y’all. One day I’ll post something riveting that will blow your mind. It’s just not today.


And A Vol Was Born

8 Sep

With Fall brings football and this makes for a very happy Mrs. K.

Adios, summer and your 100+ temps!

Let’s play some football (and sip pumpkin spice lattes and play in a big pile of leaves)!

When I’m away from Neyland Stadium on game day, I always feel a little sad. Before the Army came into my life, I was at just about every home game. There’s nothing like wandaring around campus with 100,000 other fans in a sea of orange. Tailgating with family and friends, listening to the band play Rocky Top, and watching the Vols throw around a football makes me happy inside. But as you know, the past few years I haven’t been able to go to many games. For some reason, Captain J wouldn’t let me fly from Alaska to Tennessee just to watch young men throw around a football. Although, I did make it to one game last year.


Here we are- Ft. Polk, LA. Hours and hours away from Knoxville, yet again.

We’re still celebrating, though. And now a UT fan is born.

And boy does he get mad at the thought of the Vols losing.

Good thing he won’t have to think much of that 😉

He was even sporting an orange diaper. Super fan in the making!

We were all settled in around the t.v. with our favorite vices-

Beer and Paci.

Oh my, how things have changed.

Good game, boys! We’ll see ya next week. 🙂

Dear September,

15 Sep

You’re very dear to me. As I drove to middle Tennessee yesterday, I found you hard at work, slowly changing the leaves from their great green to colors of fall. I can only imagine the vibrant colors you’re creating up in Alaska, my home away from home. I wanted to tell you how happy I am that you are here. I’m so glad that you brought with you time with my wonderful family and sweet, funny friends. I only regret my husband couldn’t come with you! I’m having a good time, September. Our time together has flown by and it’s really running short now. I want to make the best of it. I close my eyes when the short reprieve from the sun blows across my skin and I know that God is ever present. Thank you for showing me that.


Mrs. K

(Photo Credit Here)

Boys of Fall

25 Aug

The crowd is intoxicating with its loud sounds of war and the palpable excitement emenating from the fans that fill the stadium. If you look around, you’re bound to see some attractive southern belles in skirts and pearls parading up and down the seat isles. They have their touch of Tennessee orange perfectly cooridinated with the rest of their ensemble. If you find me there though, I’ll be the girl with the t-shirt or jersey on, standing up, emersed in every play.


100,000 plus fans come from all walks of life to come together for one cause: to cheer on UT football and scream out, “It’s GREAT to BE a Tennessee Vol…” Oh, how I cannot wait to get home and back to the SEC- football at its finest.

Fall is definitely my favorite season. It brings with it beautiful, vibrant colors and crisp, fresh air. It also brings the best sport known to man- American Football. Someone remind me why baseball is supposedly America’s Favorite Pasttime?

Fall also brings about Halloween which is the coolest celebration ever. Yes, I still go trick or treating! Maybe these costumes will give you an idea of how much I love watching the sport-



I’m so excited to head south and experience good football again. These Alaskans just don’t know how to do it. Who can blame them, though? It’s too cold the majority of the year to play outside. As you can imagine, there isn’t an abundance of teams to play either. I look forward to spending some time on UT’s campus and cheering on my Vols at Neyland Stadium while I’m in town. I was also really excited to see my little brother play for our hometown’s high school team, too but he hurt himself  right before the first game and is out for the entire season. What a bummer! He was working so hard at practices and lifting. I think he’ll preoccupy himself some other way, though.

Looks like a hard life, right? Happy Birthday, Jake (if you’re reading)! I love ya and you’re easily the best little brother a sister could ask for.

Go Vols!