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18 Apr

Hi there! I just wanted to drop a quick note to all my readers about the exciting new somethin’, somethin’ I’m involved in! It’s a new website that just launched today and it’s called RealMilitaryWives.tv . If you enjoy my vlogs, you will like this new site. Go look me up over there and browse around to meet other military wives from all over.  Thanks for watching!

(And now, unfortunately, I have to get back to my regular scheduled programing- aka dog sitting and supper cookin’)

We’ll chat soon.


Mrs. K


Another see ya later-

11 Apr

I wanted to write a post for all our buddies deploying, you know who you are. There just aren’t many words I can say that could describe accurately the enormity of the situation so I’ll leave it short and to the point. Captain J and I are praying for your safety and you are on our minds. And for the loved ones you had to leave behind, I’ll remember them in my prayers at night, too. Stay safe and thank you for all you do!


Career Vlog (and a Mrs. K announcement)

14 Mar

Mondays are good for blog hops, aren’t they? I recorded this vlog for (Mil)ing It Over at Chances I’m Taking, but I thought it would be applicable for Military Monday, as well. Spouses, I would love to hear what you all have to say about your career struggles and triumphs! Please head over to Jenn’s page to link up your experiences there. And also, if you’re feelin’ frisky- head to Candace’s page to link up any recent military related post there. Have a great day!

Military Spouse Stereotypes

7 Feb

After recording, a male spouse of a marine, reminded me of another stereotype: that “spouses of service members are all wives”. Let us not forget the husbands who put up with all the stuff the military dishes out to their families, too!

What have I left out? We’d love to hear from you! Please link up over at Chances I’m Taking. If you don’t wish to vlog, then that’s okay, too!

Also, I’m choosing to link up for Military Mondays over at Army Wives Lives. Do you have a recent military related post? Link up and hop around to see what everyone else is talking about this lovely February Monday. Have a great week!

My Veteran

31 Jan

I’m so incredibly thankful and proud of that man. It’s easy to remember in our day to day lives how much military families are asked to sacrifice. What I tend to forget is how much my husband sacrificed individually. After all, while he was off in Iraq, I was exercising my freedom to get an education. I was sitting comfortably in my air conditioned home, surrounded by friends and family who love me. I forget that Captain J had little luxury for the year he was away. I forget that he took a year out of his life and decided he would spend it  in a war torn country, attempting to make beneficial changes there. I tend to forget because I like to think of that as his job. It’s something separate from me, right? But being in the military is so much more than just a job.  I’m really proud to be married to my veteran! This picture just reminds me that there are so many men and women currently serving overseas who are sacrificing their lives in some capacity every single day. Thank God for each of them!

P.S.- He’s not bad on the eyes either 😉

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On Moving

10 Jan

It’s Military Monday again! It’s an interesting one, too because my soldier actually has the day off. His very first official day of MCCC was postponed due to the declared “state of emergency” that Georgia is in right now. That’s right, folks. Snow day on day numbero uno in Georgia! I swear, I believe we brought some snow with us because the south hasn’t seen this much snow in many, many years.

Today, I wanted to write about something that has been on my mind the past couple days- something you probably already know to be true. Here it is: Moving is hard. There, I said it. You all know I’m a pansy now.

I couldn’t wait to get to Alaska when I moved there to be with Captain J. He wasn’t even home from deployment yet, but I was excited about our lives together and the adventure we would find in AK. Fast forward to November 2010- I was ready to leave; I was happy about being closer to home. Many packed and unpacked boxes later, we’re finally here but I’m missing Alaska more than I thought I could. I wouldn’t trade my experiences there for the world. I learned so much about myself, about being in a relationship, about starting over, and about making new friends that I will always hold that time in our lives very near and dear to my heart.

Now, I suppose I must take what I learned there and apply it to life here in Georgia. I can’t complain. Everyone is so nice here; the southern hospitality has warmed my heart. I just miss my friends back in the Great White North and I feel as if I might not see them again. 😦 How’s that for dramatic?

note: some dear friends are not pictured here

Last night, Captain J and I had a chili dinner with our neighbors and had a really nice time. I know we’re going to like it here, but the adjustment phase is still upon us. This is just another reason why the military life can be quite difficult at times. Saying goodbye is never fun…and never ending in this lifestyle.

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3 May

I never win anything! So I was super elated to hear that my writing was chosen over at ArmyWivesLives.com as the winner for the Military Monday Contest. You can find the prizes listed here. I’m just tickled pink! It really encourages me to keep writing, as if I needed more of that 😉 If you haven’t checked out Candace’s Page at Army Wives Lives, you should. If you’re a military spouse, it can be a fun and helpful resource for you. Also, I hope you’ll play along with us on Military Mondays and link up your military experience blog posts. Today, I thought I’d leave you with a rather humorous, slightly PG-13 entry…
Military Mondays Family and Spouse Carnival at Army Wives' Lives

At the very first Army Ball I ever went to, Captain J and I were still “just dating.” This was bothersome to me because when I looked around at the beautiful women surrounding me- all dressed to impress- my eyes drifted down to their left hand to check their status. You know what I’m talking about. I was thinking, “Am I the only unwed woman in this entire room?” I was sure I was. For this reason, I wanted to look extra special that night. I wanted his eyes only on me. I had this girlish hope that when he saw me all dressed up, with make-up on, and hair swept up that he’d simply come to his senses and magically know without a doubt he wanted to marry me. Are you chortling yet? It gets worse…

We took a seat at a table at which I’m the only woman around. Captain J’s buddy leaned over and said, “Hey man, did you see the rack on so-and-so? Wow!”

I was slightly perturbed while waiting on J to reply with something dismissing this person’s chest, like he wouldn’t even consider looking at another woman. Instead of that comment, I heard:


Um. Did I hear that right? I just couldn’t believe that I had gotten all dressed up only to hear him talk about some other woman’s “impressive rack.”

After pouting for a good five minutes, Captain J began to realize something was wrong. When he asked me and I gave him the ‘don’t you know what you just said’ look he begins explaining to me that the “rack” on a uniform is where the serviceperson wears their medals which may, in fact, be impressive.

Boy, did I feel sheepish.