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No Place Like Home

9 Oct

Hello, blog. It’s me again.

It’s late and I can’t sleep. My brain won’t stop. There’s too much on my mind. Too much to do. But all I want is to have my mom, or sister, or step-mom beside me to cry on talk to. They are all about 13 hours away so you will have to do. Don’t worry…you’ll get a shorter, edited version.

This Army life is hard, ya know? I am just not cut out for it. I was a mess during deployment- a shell of myself half the time, wondering around Walmart with my bestie with my computer and skype attached to my hip just in case. Who does that? I complained in Alaska because I was so far away from my family. It took money to get back in their neck of the woods, something we don’t really have that much of. Now, here we are…in Louisiana. Still, we’re a plane ticket away from family and I’m complaining yet again. Maybe I just thought I wanted adventure. Maybe my adventure was in raising this child, not moving from place to place. In the past year, we’ve lived in Alaska, Georgia, and Louisiana. One year. Three homes. I’m tired.

If only I had a pair of these to click together:


It’s the little things.

5 Sep

There have been so many moments when it hits me- how proud I am to be a military wife. It’s a role I never saw myself filling, but one I’m so grateful to have today. It’s the little things that remind me. Like the one time we were out to dinner in East TN and Captain J was asked about his Alaska t-shirt. He responded to the older gentleman that we were stationed in Alaska and made small talk after that. When we went to leave, we learned that our appetizers, dinner, and a bottle of wine were all taken care of, thanks to some guy who just wanted to show his appreciation. We didn’t even get to thank him.

I know it makes Captain J uncomfortable when people do this for him, but I just feel incredibly grateful and very proud to be a part of the military lifestyle.

It’s the little things. Like seeing my man in uniform walk through the door every day after work.

Like that first hug after a 12 month deployment.

Like hearing the national anthem and feeling such pride that my husband is among men and women who sacrifice their time to protect and serve our great country.

Like reading this post and relating to it so much.

It’s the little things that remind me how blessed I really am despite how hard this lifestyle may seem to others. I can’t imagine my life turning out any other way.

Milspouse Weekly Roundup

2 Sep

What’s that you say? It’s roundup time again? I’m so happy to get a chance to host this week. Welcome to Milspouse Weekly Roundup!

What’s this all about? Well, all you have to do is link up a favorite post of yours from this week so that everyone can catch up with you. I like it because it makes it easy to check up on your favorite milspouse blogs if you don’t have a chance to read them every day. Whoever is hosting usually provides a little info about themselves as a bit of an introduction so without further ado…

I’m Mrs. K.

The handsome fella beside me is Captain J….although you wouldn’t be able to tell he’s an officer in the U.S. Army with a beard like that! He’s the best thing that ever happened to me. The Mr. (and the Army) came into my life a few years ago and I never looked back. Since then, we’ve moved three times and expanded our family to three (five if you count our dogs!). Three weeks ago, I gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy. He keeps me on my toes!

On top of the responsibilities of being a new mother, I’m also a graduate student studying to obtain a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. I’m also the new girl on post, as we recently PCS’ed to Ft. Polk, Louisiana. I’m enjoying our new location and staying busy trying to meet new people in the area when I get some free time.

I’m a Christian. A scrapbooker. A hiker. A fisher. A candlestick maker….ok, scratch that last one. It’s not true.

Thanks for taking a peek into my world. I hope you’ll come back!

Next week, the roundup will be over at Adventures of the K Family. Be sure to visit her blog and catch up with her adventures in Alaska. Now, let’s go see what everyone has been up to, shall we? Link up below!

little things

4 Aug

Little things make me smile. They have to.

It’s 105 degrees in these parts for most of the day (and my doctor is telling me to walk to induce! ha Easy for her to say.) and I rarely venture outside. I play with our k9 friends for a bit. I check the mail. If I’m feeling really frisky, I’ll walk down the short driveway and retrieve the trash cans. This is the extent of my leaving our nicely air conditioned casa.

This means I have to find happiness in the little things…

Like lime flavored popsicles:

And when my husband is preparing his helmet thing-a-majig for jumping out of airplanes while simultaneously eating said popsicle and being totally engrossed in one of the Harry Potter movies:

And random, odd text messages from my brother:

Yes, it’s the small stuff that gets me through my day.

Otherwise, I’d be going absolutely insane with contractions one hour-

and absolutely nothing the next.

Such a tease.

I hope this baby turns around soon. Back pain is for the birds.

What little things made you smile today?

(P.S. Captain J jumped out of an airplane today and lived. That made me smile, too. Don’t they know they shouldn’t let soon-to-be dads in warzones or throwing themselves out of airplanes? It’s just not kosher with Mama!)

So, I wait.

3 Aug

“There is time enough for everything. Take it easy.” ~ Eleanor Kirk

One might say I’ve adopted this mantra as of late or at least I’ve attempted to. My existence has become a waiting game. How strange it feels to be on the cusp of motherhood, a period of time, change, and role replacement that will alter my path forever. Yet, I’m still sitting around, staring at my ever-growing middle and wondering how this will all work out.

Is there really a 7lb, bouncing baby boy inside me? Am I really to be trusted with this new life? He has been mine for nine long months, how will I learn to share him now?

These are just a few questions that float freely through my mind throughout the day. My life is about to change forever and it’s no little thing. Anticipation. Excitement. Fear.

I told a friend earlier today that the end of this pregnancy has felt much like the end of a deployment. It is by far the most excruciating part emotionally. If you aren’t accustomed to military life, then I’ll let you glimpse it for a moment…

Wives, mothers, sisters, brothers- none of us know exactly when our soldier will be home. We hear various rumors and are often pushed to our limits being told, “The plane should pick them up tomorrow” only to hear the same the next day. What you may not know is that there are several plane rides that eventually bring the service member home. Layovers are days or weeks long and all we can do is wait. All we can do is think about that meeting, eyes finding one another, that first touch that makes everything right with the world again.

I feel much like that now.

Good things come to those who wait, though. I might just have a little bit more wait in me than I thought. I suppose I have the U.S. Army to thank for that.

I waited a whole year to take this homecoming picture. One entire year on the man I love.

Surely, I’ll make it a couple more weeks on my sweet baby to decide to make his way into my arms. So, I wait.

hoping and praying

17 May

I like to play countdown games with the toaster. “5-4-3-2-1” and up pops the poptart. Perfect timing.

I enjoy a tall glass of water and a hot cup of decaf tea in the morning.

I don’t enjoy waking up with that old familiar feeling of dread, queasiness, and gloom.

Army Times can be both a helpful tool and a terrible nuisance. When J was deployed, I checked the website regularly, hoping and praying there was no news from Diyala Providence, Iraq. Now, I find myself searching for news from Afghanistan. Yesterday, my heart sank as I read the latest:

“Three Fort Wainwright soldiers have been killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.

Army officials say the incident happened while the soldiers were on mounted patrol Monday afternoon in the city of Spin Ghbarga.

A fourth soldier, assigned to the unit the Alaska-based soldiers are replacing, also was killed.

Officials say two other soldiers from the brigade were wounded.

The 4,000 soldiers of the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division at Fort Wainwright, began deploying to Afghanistan in mid-April.

Army officials say that during the unit’s last deployment, from September 2008 to August 2009, it experienced five combat and two noncombat deaths.

Names of the soldiers killed were not released pending notification of relatives.”

Although, the terror I used to feel when hearing similar news those years ago has subsided, my worry and fear for those soldiers that Captain J served beside doesn’t go away. Friends are over there. It’s so easy to forget.

More than anything, I pray for my friends left behind by these brave soldiers. I remember what it’s like to not know. Feeling completely helpless and just trying to get through the day, hoping the communication outage will lift and that voice will be heard saying, “I’m safe” is a mixture of a emotions I cannot explain nor want to experience ever again.

I’m awake because at 0500 when J rolled out of bed to head into PT, I had to hug his neck and remind him how glad I am that he is home. Whether home is Georgia or Louisiana now, it doesn’t matter. He’s with me and I am forever grateful that I’m not going through this pregnancy alone.

Some of my brave friends can’t say the same. Please pray for them. For all the people left behind, for all the men and women serving- my thoughts and prayers are with you often.

Pregnant With Laughter Part 7

20 Apr

Hiya pals! Boy, do I have a pregnancy story (that I want to remember) to share with you today! Before I hop to it, I’ll go ahead and let you know that if you would like to join in to the link up then you can do so below. Simply share something humorous that happened to you during your pregnancy or link up a story about your funny kids. Feel free to steal the picture…and away we go!

I appreciate everyone who helped me and voted in my poll the other day about which dress to wear to the CG Reception. If you’re wondering what a CG Reception is- my husband tells me nothing- but my best guess is that it means Commanding General Reception because that’s where we went last night- to Ft. Benning’s General’s residence. It was so neat to see inside his place and hear about all the history there. The house is a lovely plantation home, originally built in 1919, I believe. This is fuzzy to me because as he was explaining it, I got a little dizzy, but that story is to come…

Anyway, thank you all again for voting and for my friends on facebook who left comments on my new photos from the night because you all really made my day!

Oh, and I’m so glad I didn’t go with dress number three because someone else definitely had that on.

On with my Pregnant With Laughter story:

I’m standing there on the beautiful hardwood floors under the historic chandeliers of Generals of the Army past when I’m suddenly feeling lightheaded. Great. Perfect. The room already felt like it was collapsing on me because even with a great pair of high heels, I was still one of the shortest people in the room. The ice left in my water had all but melted so I gulped down the last few drops and tapped my strapping Army Officer on the shoulder and leaned over to whisper, “Do you think it’s okay for me to sit down?”

The General had just been discussing that the couch nearest to me used to belong to so and so (add someone really important here), but all I knew is that it was about to hold this pregnant gal’s booty because I had to sit down. It was either sit down or fall down.

I told you Georgia is hot. I just got too hot in there.

So I sat down, trying not to pass out. As I did, this lady I had been chatting with earlier came over to check on me. She quickly began busying herself to get me more water and lots of fruit and crackers, while the rest of the gaggle of officers stood listening intently to this speech.

I felt like such a drama queen, but I figured it would be much worse to topple over, glass in hand, and embarrass Captain J.

After this lady graciously helped me in any way she could, I looked up again to see her entering the room and giving the General a quick wave. When I recounted what he had just said in my head, I realized he had announced her as so and so’s wife. But that meant she was a (one star) General’s other half.

Great. Perfect.

I was allowing this lady, who was important to the functioning of this party, to wait on me hand and foot.

I suppose that brings a whole new meaning to us preggos who think we’re entitled. Oh well, it’s a good story to remember.

I felt better almost immediately after I left the stuffy room and got some more food and water in my belly. No need to fear! Anyway, here are a few photos from last night (and here I am at Week 23!).

Thanks for reading. I’d love to have you link up your stories or leave them in the comment section!