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24 Mar

What comes to mind when I ask you–What are you thankful for today? Maybe it’s your little old lady neighbor who baked you the yummiest sprinkled sugar cookies yesterday or perhaps you’re just thankful you got through yesterday. Sarcastic or not, I want to hear about them and so does Captain over at Our Imperfect Life. She started this blog carnival called Thank You Thursday so if you want to join in the fun, go check out her page for more direction! (Note: I’m aware I have one more hour until it’s technically Thursday for me, but most of you who are reading are coming from the future so will you just let this slide this once? THANK YOU!)

My Thank Yous-

1. Thank You, Lord, for some how willing Drifter to do the impossible. He passed puppy class–all glory to God! Seriously. Miracles do occur.

2. Thank You bloggy friends for seriously helping me to maintain my sanity. Honestly, I get so bored during the day without all of your witty, crazy hilarious, & entertaining posts.

(Click here for my weirdest but funniest find of the week: A Booger Dare)

3. Thank You, Shutterfly, for finally sending my wedding announcements. I mean, it’s really no big deal that the cards say “We are happy to announce our RECENT wedding…” when recent was many moons ago.

4. Thank You to the current administration for this awesome healthcare plan. Oh, wait…scratch that altogether. I think it blows.

5. Thank You to my mom and mom-in-law for the recipes. I had fun trying something new in the kitchen!

6. Thank You to Myxer.com for the free ringtones. I especially love when my mom calls and I get to hear Renegade by Styx…”o mama I’m in fear for my life…” Makes me giggle.

7. And finally, I’ll just throw a big Thank You out to the universe for all the little things in life. Seriously, I know I’m a nerd but hear me out… I arranged some apples in a little candle holder I had laying around and the beauty and simplicity of it made me smile today. Doesn’t take much 😉

So tell me, what are you thankful for?



It’s that time again!

11 Mar

If you don’t know about the blog carnival hosted by Our Imperfect Life, click the following link to check it out: Thank You Thursday

Without further ado, I’ll continue on with my Thank Yous for the week-

1. Thank You to my readers. I’ve recieved so many comments, emails, etc. that encourage me to keep blogging away. My little network has grown and that makes me happy, so thanks a bunch!

2. Thank You to my dear, Drifter, who performed marvelously last night in obedience class. I was so proud of him! He didn’t bark as much…progress! In addition to that, he did the best in our challenge task. Of course, he didn’t win because he’s still a holy terror, but that’s ok. Mama was proud!

3. Thank You to those of you who lovingly rubbed it in that you were experiencing breezy, sunny 60 degree weather earlier this week. I really appreciate it. (Psyche!) No, seriously, I’m happy for you…NOT.

4. Thank You to my husband for comforting me instead of looking at me like I was crazy when I was upset about missing all my people back home. It was refreshing and boy does he know me well…He poured me a glass of wine and even though we had lost a lot of water earlier in the week due to the broken tank fiasco, he watched the dog while I took a long, hot bath.

Which brings me to my next point-

5. Thank You to our plumber. ..I won’t mention any names, but you were sooo personable. I really liked how your eyes almost rolled out of your head when I met you at the door. Thanks also, for looking completely annoyed each time we had questions for you. Oh, and best of all…you’re so timely! (Note the sarcasm)

6. Thank You, God, for each one of these precious moments during the past week…


‘Thank You Thursday’

18 Feb

Here’s the deal–On a military support site, I came across a group of women who enjoy blogging quite regularly like I do. One in particular is a lady affiliated with the Navy and is currently living with her family in Japan. To check out her blog you can click this link to be directed to it. She has started a blog topic each week called ‘Thank You Thursday’ in which she writes her thank you’s- both genuine and sarcastic 🙂

If you want to join in on the fun, be sure to link her and grab the Thank You Thursday button on the right hand side of her blog. This will work on other blog hosts, but I don’t think wordpress allows it. Perhaps I’m just completely clueless.

Anyway, here are mine for this week–

Thank You to the U.S. Post office for avoiding my calls, not delivering a package when I scheduled one, and being completely unhelpful.

Thank You to the big scary dog from backing off of me and Drifter on our walk today.

Thank You to Bailey’s furniture for getting our kitchen table in. We’re enjoying it! Also, Thank You to my loving sister who sent me these flowers on Valentine’s Day.

Thank You to my Mom and Mother-in-Law for sending me Valentine fun. (I’ve got faith that yours will show eventually, Mom. It’s the thought that counts 🙂 )

Thank You to the man upstairs for the awesome weather today– 45 degrees!

Thank You to the U.S. Army for requiring my dear husband to be at a hail and farewell ceremony tonight. I really am looking forward to spending the evening alone.