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Vloggin’ Again

16 Sep

To play along, link up with Mama M!

*I don’t know why youtube likes to cut off my audio, but I basically said “bye, gotta run, the baby is calling!”

but now look who is just as happy as a lark…

And guess whose shirt is covered in spit up now. If you said his, you’re correct. If you said mine, you’re also correct. Now you know why I didn’t bother to change out of my PJ’s.

See ya on the flip side.


Mrs. K


5QF-Vlog with Baby K

9 Sep

Head over to My Little Life to play along with us this week.

I mentioned a link in my vlog- You can find Laura Vecchione’s music here or on Twitter here.

Happy Friday!

5 Question Friday 2.11.11

11 Feb

You can link up with Mama M. here.

5Qf Arizona Style

2 Dec

Mama M.’s 5QF

Five Question Friday 11/5

4 Nov

What a great place to make a still photo, YouTube. Thanks, thanks a lot. Anyway, to play along, visit Mama M.’s page at My Little Life!

*also, I’m almost officially, exactly in my mid twenties. Birthdays are much less exciting the older I get, though. Hmm…I wonder what Captain J has planned…

I hope you all have a superb, Mrs. K Birthday weekend!

I’m vlogging again…

22 Oct

Mama M’s 5 Question Friday


Wife of a Sailor’s Milspouse Friday Fill-In

Here I Vlog Again.

1 Oct

Five Question Friday- with Mama M.

Milspouse Friday Fill In- with Wife of a Sailor