Chocolate Love

12 Apr

I wanted to participate in Military Mondays again because I think it’s an excellent idea,  but hmmm…what to talk about? I wasn’t sure until I looked down at the solid Dove chocolate Easter bunny I’ve been nibbling on for about a week now and was brought back to my favorite piece of chocolate that I ever received.
Military Mondays Family and Spouse Carnival at Army Wives' Lives

I still remember what I had on that day: navy blue cargo shorts, a teal colored Banana Republic shirt, and my Sperry’s. Boat shoes for crying out loud…like I was going out to a breezy, fun summer day. I wasn’t going out boating, though. I was sending my soldier back to the Middle East, back to very little communication, and as far away from me as I could imagine. I was crushed.

We arrived at McGhee Tyson Airport where the nice Delta attendants allowed us to accompany Captain J to the gate to see him off. I was so thankful to have those few extra minutes to say goodbye. After going through security, Captain J had a few last minute gifts and souvenirs to purchase for his Iraqi interpreters so we spent most of that time browsing and waiting in line to pay. I clung to each moment daring to think, ‘What if this is the last time I stand beside him?’ and ‘Surely, this isn’t the last hug.’

I had already decided I would show him how strong I can be so I had decided not to cry. This decision lasted all of a minute or two until the loud annoucement rang through the speakers that his plane was now boarding. The inescapable reality of our situation hit me and I buried my face, hoping that I at least could keep the desperate gasps for air that always seem to accompany my tears at a minimum.

Captain J looked into my teary eyes and managed to get out a sweet goodbye even though he could tell I had completely fallen apart.

I’m not kidding. Everyone was staring. I was a mascara-ey mess. We had already made it seven months apart, what was four months more? It was an eternity, that’s what it was. I think Captain J felt that way, too but he was strong when I was not.

He reached into one of the many pockets in his ACUs (uniform) and revealed to me a milk chocolate candy bar. I looked on in confusion as he said, “I knew you were going to need this.”

My husband knows me so well! I often find comfort in chocolate so his gesture was perfect. Even though no amount of words, encouragement, wine, or chocolate could ease my fears, the fact that he was concerned for me and was planning for me when he had to go away gave me great comfort. He was going to make it. We were going to make it.

It didn’t take long for me to scarf down the yummy goodness, but its effects were long lasting.

Being in the military, we are often faced with distance between us but it only challenges us and our relationship. It allows us to come closer together, despite all the miles in between.


4 Responses to “Chocolate Love”

  1. Laura Weigle April 12, 2010 at 4:25 pm #

    He’s a nicea boy!

    • Molly April 12, 2010 at 9:31 pm #

      It’s amazing what a little chocolate can do, huh. I’m the same way with chocolate. But, somehow, I made a box of Milk Duds last a whole week. It was a miracle!

      • kacysue April 12, 2010 at 9:49 pm #

        Well that’s just impressive, Molly!

  2. Nicki McMasters April 15, 2010 at 11:09 am #

    Wow, this one made me cry! I can imagine what you were going through. I was the same way when Seth left for boot camp almost exactly 2 years ago. As I watched him walk away to board his plane, I remember thinking this might be the last time I see the man I love. I know, it’s only boot camp, not at all the same as a deployment to Iraq, but our relationship was so new, and I just knew that he would change his mind about us once he got caught up in his new lifestyle as a Navy man. Luckily, he didn’t. The distance only made us stronger, just as it did for you! I ate a lot of chocolate myself during those 2 months, and I’m sure I will again when we finally have to face a deployment, but until then let’s enjoy every second next to the men we love!

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