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9 Dec

Two years. A lot can happen in that time frame and a lot has….

That’s how long I’ve been blogging here at Mrs. K and Captain J! I’ve got the previous posts to prove it. 😉

Since it’s my blog-o-versary today, I want to treat you…my readers!

I’m having a giveaway right here, right now. But the treat is a surprise! I will tell you that it smells fantastic, looks quite homey, and you’re definitely going to want this because you can never have too many of them around the house. And if you’ve been really good this year, I might just throw in some extra holiday fun to merry up your Christmas.

All you have to do is go back through my old posts and pick a favorite. I know, I know, it’s going to be hard because I have so many riveting posts. But try, people. You had better hop to it, though because this giveaway opportunity ends on Sunday, December 11th. Simply leave a comment with the title of your favorite post and I’ll throw your hat in the ring for the drawing. Good luck!

And as always, thank you very much for caring what goes on in our little world. My growing family and I appreciate it!



One Year!

9 Dec

You’ll never guess what today is! Well, maybe you would, but I’m not going to give you time to think about it. It’s my BLOGOVERSARY! One year ago today, I was typing up my very first post on this blog that has become my release. I stuck with a writing task for a whole year! That, my friends, is impressive for me. I’m so excited that writing has become something I love to do on a daily basis. Thank you all for coming back to my page and making me feel as if you care what I’m saying. It means a lot to me!

I’ve met friends through blogging. I’ve kept myself busy writing and reading what so many others have to say. Occasionally, I get to feel as if I’ve influenced someone. One of the coolest things that has happened since I began this venture was that someone read my blog and then decided to vacation in Alaska because of it! I loved hearing that story.

Mrs. K and Captain J has been through many changes throughout the year. Perhaps you remember the title- Confessions of a Snowbunny? I finally took that down because it seemed so many were landing on my blog after typing in some naughty things. Ha! While funny, I didn’t want to be associated or confused with any of that so I changed it. If you stick around for 2011, you’ll notice even more exciting changes aesthetically. I also have plans for my very first ever giveaway and much more. 🙂

Again, thank you all so much for reading and commenting! You’re the best.

Happy, Joyous Blogoversary to Me!