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4 Jun

Shh…Don’t tell anyone, least of all my mom-

but I miss my red hair. I know, I know. I’m a blonde and I should stay that way. But after Baby K is born and the mood strikes me, I might just go red for fall.

Oh, and this was totally the post I was looking for yesterday when I was writing about moving. This photo says it all, though-

Red heads are sassy. They’re their own woman. See photo above as evidence. I could use some of that confidence to get me through all these new changes headed my way.

Perhaps it will give me a new spring in my step.

Anyway, have you entered my giveaway yet? Today is the last day to do so. Also, for another chance to win the same prize, head on over to Our Navy Nest and register there, too! Her giveaway is lasting a bit longer than mine. Good luck and God speed to you, my friends.


Hooray, Giveaway!

1 Jun

As a military family, we’re often away from those I love. I miss birthdays, holidays, weddings, and random coffee dates with friends, among other things. This has been one of the hardest parts of being a part of the “silent ranks.” I can’t imagine raising Baby K while my Captain was off deployed to some third world country, forcing him to miss so many milestones. All of these reasons are why I’m hosting my very first giveaway!

What’s up for grabs, you say?

-a free story recorded with your own voice to send to those you love that you can’t be with at the moment, valued at $9.99! Fun, right? This opportunity is provided by BeThereBedTimeStories.com. Click on the link to try out the demo if you’d like. This program is super easy to use and there are tons of bedtime stories to choose from to make the special kid in your life feel a little bit closer to you.

After recording, the bedtime story can be accessed at any time for an unlimited amount of time. This means that any time your little munchkin, pumpkin, niece, nephew, grandson, granddaughter, et cetera can get a dose of Y-O-U whenever their little hearts desire!

Rules of this giveaway are simple:

1. You do NOT have to have a blog to enter.

2. You do NOT have to be a military family to win.

3. You DO have to leave a comment on this post telling me who you would record a story for and why. It can be brief 🙂

4. You Do have to leave an email address for contacting purposes.

5. For an additional entry, you can tweet about this giveaway. Be sure to let me know you did so by tweeting me (@KSJD22) or leaving it in the comment section.

How easy is that? This giveaway will end on Saturday, June 4th at 11 PM Eastern Standard Time.

I hope you all enjoy this opportunity as much as I have. It really is quite easy to use. Results will be posted after I randomly select a winner. Good luck!