It’s the little things.

5 Sep

There have been so many moments when it hits me- how proud I am to be a military wife. It’s a role I never saw myself filling, but one I’m so grateful to have today. It’s the little things that remind me. Like the one time we were out to dinner in East TN and Captain J was asked about his Alaska t-shirt. He responded to the older gentleman that we were stationed in Alaska and made small talk after that. When we went to leave, we learned that our appetizers, dinner, and a bottle of wine were all taken care of, thanks to some guy who just wanted to show his appreciation. We didn’t even get to thank him.

I know it makes Captain J uncomfortable when people do this for him, but I just feel incredibly grateful and very proud to be a part of the military lifestyle.

It’s the little things. Like seeing my man in uniform walk through the door every day after work.

Like that first hug after a 12 month deployment.

Like hearing the national anthem and feeling such pride that my husband is among men and women who sacrifice their time to protect and serve our great country.

Like reading this post and relating to it so much.

It’s the little things that remind me how blessed I really am despite how hard this lifestyle may seem to others. I can’t imagine my life turning out any other way.


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