13 Jul

Hey, folks. I’m up to my eyeballs in stuff to do, but I’d much rather take a quick break and talk to you. Much appreciation for your happy thoughts for the movers to show, not to mention your physical harm threats, trash-talking, and everything else (that I saw via facebook). One of these worked because the movers did, in fact, finally show. It was a fiasco, but they got here. I don’t want to talk about it yet, though. The memory is still too raw, too fresh.

The house is slowly, but surely getting pieced together. It’s difficult because this house is considerably smaller than the last so we have a lot of extra furniture with no place to put it. We’ll figure out something that works, though. I’m glad to be among our “things” again. How shallow does that sound?

I don’t care, though. I slept in a bed for the first time in a long time and now I can watch t.v. again. Not that I have time, but the option is there.

Well, here’s the big reveal of the house thus far:

Such a tease.

I can’t show you our house right now, are you kiddin’ me?

Clearly, I also can’t show you me, either. My hands are swollen (just look!), I have J’s clothes on (or “close” according to the movers: see photo below), and I look like a hot mess which I undoubtably am. I’m working extra hard, though because it’s almost HP time and I’ve got to get some sort of outfit in order for the premier.

That reminds me…I need to go sift through the mountains of “close” we poured out of boxes this morning for something, anything that resembles Nymphadora Tonks AND will fit this big pregnant belly.

We’ll chat soon.


Mrs. K


One Response to “Close”

  1. Katy July 13, 2011 at 5:36 pm #

    omg “close”!! hahaha! So funny! Glad you got your things and have fun celebrating HP!! I’m going to miss it tonight – but I’ll see it asap! Gotta wait to have my other half with me =)

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