papas, daddies, fathers, etc.

18 Jun

I was blessed to have several men in my life that have served as father figures. This girl has never been lacking in that area of influence and for that, I’m forever grateful. Dads can sometimes get the shaft when it comes to the appreciation and credit of parenting. Let’s dispel that, shall we?

It is for this reason that I will share with you some of my favorite memories-

That’s a picture of my dad and me hiking an East Tennessee trail. Not only is he responsible for much of my love of the outdoors, but he is also probably to thank for my odd sense of humor. He’s a funny guy. I remember waking up each morning for school to him proclaiming from a nearby room, “Wooo Weeee, I get better lookin’ every day!” I like to think he still says this to himself (or out loud) every day.

We’ve had lots of good days. From camping to attending bluegrass festivals to spending hours out on the lake, some of my very favorite memories are with him. We can crack ourselves up by endlessly quoting Wayne’s World or likening a happening in our lives to a specific episode of Andy Griffith.

When my dad is around, you’re sure to have a good time.

Then there’s this man-

The guy who loved my mom so much that he took on a ready-made family to be with her. I’m forever thankful for him, too. I have always respected his opinion and sought his approval when making any major decisions in my life. He has taught me so many things over the years, including helping greatly when I learned to read.

And Lord knows I’m thankful I can do that.

Among other important fatherly figures in my life, are these faces…

and there are others.

I’m so happy that these men will be able to be in Baby K’s life, too. Like I said, I AM blessed.

And to my hubby- on this, your first Father’s Day-

Just look how much fun we are. We’re going to be great parents. I love you, daddy-to-be. Always have, always will.


One Response to “papas, daddies, fathers, etc.”

  1. Mama M. June 22, 2011 at 12:51 am #

    OH EM GEE…that last photo fah-REAKS me out!!! I know it’s all in fun, but holy man alive did that make my gut clench and my heart race!! Loved your post…and you’re right, you ARE going to make great parent, just look at the influences you’ve had!!

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