Oh, the places you’ll go

2 Jun

Captain J and I hit up Gatlinburg last weekend, hoping for a reprieve from the heat and humidity. Boy, were we way off base with those hopes and dreams. It was so hot! I think I forget every year how hard it can be to breathe in said conditions or perhaps my shortness of breath can be blamed on the little babe inside my belly. Either way, Tennessee is miserable this time of year.

Worse even is Georgia. Today the thermometer in my car read 104. I’ll not be going back outside this week unless I have to. People keep warning me that Louisiana will be worse. I can’t, nor do I want to, imagine this. It’s funny to think about the various places and extreme temperatures we’ve experienced in the last year and a half. We’ve gone from fifty below zero in Alaska to one hundred and four above in that time period. That’s a 150+ degree difference. Yikes!

Oh, the places you’ll go.

Speaking of, while in G-burg we visited our place of marital oneness for a quick snap of a photo. We pretended to get married at this lovely church with a pretty red door, but in actuality I just admired that church as we passed and made Captain J pull over for a few pictures. Really, we found the cheapest place in town and said our I do’s in under 15 minutes.

So here’s the big reveal. We actually got hitched here:

and have I said lately that I wouldn’t change a thing?! I love that man more and more every day; it doesn’t matter how we made a commitment to God and each other. It just matters that we did it!

P.S.- Have you entered my giveaway yet? As it stands now, you’ve got a pretty remarkable chance of winning!

Later, taters.


One Response to “Oh, the places you’ll go”

  1. Kristine June 25, 2011 at 3:23 pm #

    I love this post! The photo of you at the church with the red door is beautiful! Anyone who sees that photo would never know. 🙂

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