Pregnant With Laughter- Part 4

30 Mar

Captain J and I have a fun new activity for our Tuesday evenings- trivia at a local bar! We usually meet up with some of his fellow classmates and their wives/girlfriends for some food and our weekly dose of random questioning. Last time, we went something happened to me, something terrible. It looked something like this:

Clearly, that’s not me. That’s Santa. But my buttons were looking a lot like his. They were just fine as I was standing up, but when I decided to sit down at the table for dinner, I quickly noticed that the buttons were practically begging to break away. Crap.

Sitting up perfectly straight, I tried and tried to avoid a scenario in which my buttons popped off, revealing my huge belly.

I succeeded most of the night until right before Captain J and I stood up to make an early departure. Then, I look down and the worst has happened. A button is no longer conservatively secured across my pregnant self. It’s open and free for the whole world to see.

Only…the whole world doesn’t want to see that, do they?


I guess it’s time to retire THAT shirt until after the baby is born. No need to tell me twice.

It could have been worse, though. At least I didn’t reveal the girls, right?

*Do you have a funny pregnancy story you’d like to share? Maybe you want to share a tale of your hilarious kids? Link up below! I’ll leave it open all week so join in at anytime.


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