(Mil)ing It Over: Entertainin’ Edition

23 Mar

Over at (Mil)ing It Over, we’re talking about How We Entertain Guests- “our tips, tricks, and go-tos”. If you’ve got some insight and want to share, head over there and link up with Jenn. Here’s what I know about entertaining…

The end.

Ok, I’m kidding. I might know a thing or two, but only because my mom is a social butterfly and usually has big parties at her house that she pulls off quite smoothly. Unfortunately, parties go a bit differently in my household. This is because I don’t usually take the initiative to create a guest list. I’m a follower usually unless a leader is required and no one steps up. Of Captain J and me, he usually makes decisions in our household (Now, whether they’re okayed is a whole other story 😉 ) and I’m content with that. Problem is, he gets these ideas for get togethers and springs it on me.

I like to be prepared. Prepared to me isn’t finding out the night before that several people are coming to our house the following evening. Prepared is not going to the grocery store an hour before our guests arrive, which is typically what happens around here.

This is totally and completely my dear husband’s doing. He enjoys cooking for people so he wants to do the food preparation himself. If it were me, I would have the food ready when people ring the door bell (or at the very least, I’d be putting on the finishing touches). J is different. He likes to start cooking after socializing with all the party go-ers. I’m learning to be more laid back in this arena, but I do try to at least have something for hungry people to snack on as we mingle!

Entertaining for overnight guests is a different ball park altogether here. I feel the need to always be showing them a good time, which is silly because close friends and family don’t need entertained, right?! I have found that being pregnant and entertaining for the weekend don’t really mix. I. get. exhausted. It’s ridiculous how tired I become. I usually have grand plans of making breakfast and dinner, but I usually just end up making only one. I’m no June Cleaver.

I’m definitely a Lucy Ricardo, Murphy’s Law kind of gal. That’s ok, though! I have accepted it.

One thing I can control when we have people over is a tidy house. I will be a cleaning machine up until the time our guests arrive. I like to have everything radiate a feeling of clean and welcome(ness?). It’s just how I roll.

How do YOU roll?

Go share your thoughts on the matter with Jenn, will ya? Also, for all you millies who are reading- Be sure to check out this awesome opportunity from the ladies at The Dating Divas. If you qualify, you could be chosen for a giveaway for you and your serviceman.

P.S.- My French teacher in high school used to always tell the class to “quit entertainin’ now” when someone was acting up. It was cute. So, Ms. Harris- this post title is for you.



2 Responses to “(Mil)ing It Over: Entertainin’ Edition”

  1. Laura Weigle March 24, 2011 at 7:19 am #

    Captain J is his Mothers son! Although I prepare in advance, one of my most favorite things to do is cook with people around! I get it from my Mom who loved to prepare tasty food for family and friends. Evidently, I passed this on, but he has certainly put his own mark on it and he is a great cook! Captain J can cook for me anytime! I like your talents too Mrs K , you provide a warm, thoughtful welcoming home for guests and we love coming to visit. Love Laura

  2. Jenn March 26, 2011 at 9:22 pm #

    Hubby likes to do that with me but I get at least a 4-5 day notice now. I think entertaining is something that comes with time. I don’t really entertain here. we have maybe 5-6 times and most of that is family.

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