These are a few of…

27 Jan

my favorite things! Not as cool as Oprah’s favorite things, but still post worthy. I mean, you’ve gotta appreciate the small things in life!

1. Amazon deliveries (and reading!)– Call me a bible thumping Republican, if you will, I’ve been called worse. I’m excited to read these three new books that were delivered to my door yesterday. Back in our days in the Great White North, I visited Decision Points at Barnes and Noble each time I went to read by the fire. I never purchased it, though. It’s mine now! America By Heart was one I added to my list, too because I think Sarah Palin in interesting. Finally, Baby Wise was recommended to me by several mothers and soon-to-be mothers. It’s a Christian-based book that supposedly is a miracle worker for trying to get your baby to sleep through the night!

2. Bath time– Ahh, I just love a nice hot bath! Pretty pink robes and products that make my skin super soft and smooth are some of my very favorite things. Usually, I’d add a glass of red to this combo, but I think Baby is too young for that yet. 😉 Oddly, I haven’t missed my wine tastings much.

3. Fabulous vintage finds– I found this old ring at a vintage jewelry store in town for 3 dollars. Consignments and repeat stores are my new best friends.

What are some of the small things in your life that make you happy?



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