California Redwoods

1 Dec

A couple posts ago, I promised you some redwood pictures, didn’t I? I’m sure Captain J got plenty of good ones with our his fancy schmancy camera, but he has forbidden me to post any until he can choose the ones he wants the world to see. Oh, the trials of being married to a good photographer. He takes five gazillion trillion shots and out of those he’ll like ten of them. Perhaps by the end of this trip he’ll let me share some with all of you. Until then…you’re stuck with mine!

They’re a pixelated mess, but at least you can see how enormous the redwoods are. Maybe I’ll buy myself my own fancy schmancy camera for Christmas and avoid this little problem all together!

But then again, if J is taking pictures and I’m taking pictures then who is going to watch these two crazy mutts?

We’ll be in Arizona by tomorrow!


One Response to “California Redwoods”

  1. Mrs. S. December 2, 2010 at 2:29 pm #

    Oh my gosh the redwoods are awesome!!

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