travels, goodbyes, and blue skies

1 Sep

Goodbyes suck, don’t they? I’m happy to know that I have several “hellos” I get to make in less than twenty four hours, though. I left my darling husband in Fairbanks and I’m now waiting patiently at the airport in Anchorage to board my next flight. Unfortunately, this layover is uber long.

Every time I fly, I feel somewhat independent (insert snickers or guffaws). I traveled as a young tike via airplanes, but it’s quite another task to navigate an airport by myself without getting frazzled. I never thought I’d arrive at that point, but now that I’m here, I can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the fudge my babe got me as a parting gift. I’m the kind of person who stresses easily. Bounding up to the information screen to locate my gate number and finding it void of such information would usually send me into a quiet panic. Not today, though. I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

I thought I’d use this opportunity to send out a mass message to my blogging family that I’m ok. Despite the numerous plane crashes in Alaska in the last few months, I have flip flops on the ground safely and Anchorage welcomed me with a gorgeous blue sky! Hopefully this trend will continue. Picture this- I’m sitting in the hallway of a terminal, hunched over my computer, typing furiously, and only stopping for breaks to pick up a huge block of peanut butter and chocolate fudge to nibble on devour. I’m sure I’m quite the sight.

Ya know….there’s one good thing about the military and all the goodbyes: When I have to be away from Captain J, it’s so easy to recall how much he truly means to me. I do miss him when he’s away and I would venture to say that each absence to date has strengthened “us”. I’m proud of and am very appreciative of that!

Several troops left out of Ft. Wainwright recently to assist with the flooding in Pakistan. I know plenty of wives who that affected. Some are handling this surprise deployment fabulously while others are neglecting certain responsibilities on the home front. This is too bad. Being a military spouse can be hard, challenging work but that’s any marriage, right? I hope you’ll remember those families in your prayers as well as those influenced by the damaging floods. (Oh, and if you’re really tight with the man upstairs, will you talk to him about Captain J, too? Thanks.)

The other good thing about goodbyes- the hellos eventually follow! I’ll miss my best friend as I’m sure all those spouses, parents, children, and friends will miss those that just deployed, too. Chin up ladies (and gents), our soldiers will be home soon 🙂

I’m going to quit rambling now and do a little people watching. Yeah, I’m creepy…what of it?



One Response to “travels, goodbyes, and blue skies”

  1. Lydia September 1, 2010 at 7:00 pm #

    the only good about goodbyes are definitely the hello’s that follow.. and you are all in my prayers! 🙂

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