Caution: Do not read if “weak stomach” describes you

31 Aug

Welp, it’s almost go time and I’m pretty unprepared. The good news is that we found a house sitter so we won’t have that to worry about in our absence. The bad news is that I have yet to pack fully. I think my husband’s habit of waiting until the last minute has rubbed off on me. I’ll get there, though and it will all come together.

The bad news just keeps piling up. Let me just let you in on how my day went-

I brought Holly and Drifter inside while I cleaned the house so that they could spend some time with me (I’m so fun, ya know?). Then we went for a nice little walk around the neighborhood, only to find out that the mail hadn’t been picked up since Thursday. In case you didn’t know, I have the worst luck with the postal service. In the tan colored box with the red flag standing at attention is a bunch of bills that will no doubt be late this month. Anyway, when we arrived at the cabin again, I poured some water into their bowls because they seemed parched. Well, the little scoundrels chugged it, each wanting to down it before the other could. Throwing up ensued.

I put them both outside so I could re-clean my floors. There was only an hour in between then and the time we all had to leave for their vet appointments. How much trouble could they possibly get into? Never ask that question.

I walked outside to load them up into the truck and they had pooed all over the entry way to their cage. To let you know how grody it was, I will say that this particular bowel movement shouldn’t be confused with a solid. It was definitely of the liquid persuasion. I was running late so I had no time to clean it off before I got them out of there so I maneuvered around the mess as best I could while I hooked them into their leash. Just as I thought we were free of the mess, Drifter backs up into it and starts moving his evil paws so as to splatter it all over my jeans and shoes. It was at that moment that I realized. I cannot wait to get home!

I’ll be dog free.

Of course, I’m also thrilled to see everyone. I’ll be traveling tomorrow. I don’t know how much you’ll hear from me over the next month, but I do plan on posting when I get the chance. I want to ask you for your prayers and good vibes for Captain J. He will likely be under a lot of stress and physical challenges during the next month so we’re hoping he is able to handle it well. I’m worried about him going from this mild climate of 50ish degrees to temps of 90 degrees and above. Yuck! He’s strong, though and I know he’ll be fine.

I’ll leave you with another thing that made this rainy day a bit brighter…a new award! Thanks to Lydia_Isabelle for this sweet thought-


You should go check out her page- Reality Check. I love reading her blog. She’s a beautiful person inside and out and really seems to have a good head on her shoulders…ya know, as best I can tell from my side of the world! 🙂 Now, onto those pesky rules:

I’m supposed to list 3 things I love about myself-

1. My eyes- They’re the one thing I got from my dear ole dad. I have brown eyes that often give me away. I can’t seem to lie because they always betray me! My eyes are also a conversation starter because I can do this weird thing (usually inadvertantly) that makes them go all “wonky” as Mama M. would say.

2. My conscience- It keeps me in check. If I’ve done something even remotely wrong, I know about it really quick because there’s this nagging, gnawing pain that makes me realize I’ve wronged someone. I hate that feeling, but I’m glad it’s there so that I can make things right when I need to.

3. My husband- What?? That counts! We’re joined at the hip now that we’re hitched, right? I love that I waited to find the best man for me (or waited on God to send him my way) so that there was no question when he came along that that is who I would marry. I love our life together up here in Alaska. Best of all, I love how he makes me want to be a better person.

The other rule is to post a picture that I love. How bout this one? It’s fitting-

And now to pass it on…I never give it to as many people as I’m supposed to so that it’s more special so I’m going to give it to just one. This little lady blogs at ACUs and ABCs and I think her blog is simply adorable! That’s it! Oh, wait…I want to give it to Jenn, too because she’s like my other bloggy half. Jenn and I (and a few other military significant others) have an exciting announcement to make in a few weeks. Stay tuned!



2 Responses to “Caution: Do not read if “weak stomach” describes you”

  1. Lydia August 31, 2010 at 5:39 pm #

    aw! thank you for those kind words!!
    and quick question, where are you leaving your doggies for that month you’ll be away? 😦
    (I obviously had* to ask .. lol)
    safe trip

  2. Mrs. K August 31, 2010 at 5:48 pm #

    Ha! I knew someone would! 🙂 We’re boarding them with Holy Dogs Kennels. They’re awesome! They give them tons of treats, ice cream days, and lots of exercise. The dogs spend the majority of time outside, which they’ll love. They probably won’t miss me at all. 😦

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