A Hair Post for the Extremely Bored…

28 Aug

Two Fridays in a row without doing 5QF? What is my deal? To be perfectly honest, I was embarrassed of my hair. For the past month, I’ve been going around Fairbanks in hats because I needed a cut and color so badly. It was  “terrible awful” as a character in the novel, The Help, often says. I’m happy to report that my hair looks much better and I can resume going out in public again without something to cover my head.

While at the salon, I was reflecting on the whole process and decided it was a very intimate thing. I mean, usually when one lets someone brush up against them, massage their head with shampoo, and run their fingers through their hair, it’s typically a much different situation. I let a stranger do all those things to me yesterday. I can’t help but to find it odd.

Anyway, when do you consider a trip to the salon a successful one? I think my definition is pretty simple. I think it’s successful if I look better as I’m leaving than I did when I was coming in. Is that too relaxed, though? It seems like I’m never ecstatic about a certain cut or color anymore. I don’t want to knock the girl who did it because (bless her heart) she did an excellent job considering I was her first customer for color (more on this in a sec).

My experience at this place was a good one. I tend to be impatient when it comes to these things. Sure, I enjoy relaxing but after a few hours have passed, I simply feel slightly narcissistic. I mean, do I really need to spend that much time on my outward appearance? Does it take that much time to make me look acceptable? I hope not.

The lady who did my hair was fairly new. She later told me that she had only graduated from beauty school in April. I liked her, though and I trusted her almost immediately. Trust is such a big part of getting one’s hair done, isn’t it? I do long for a day when I can find someone that I can say, “Do whatever you want to it!” But I digress…

The styler was very nice and I trusted her right away because she was so dilligent in everything she did. “Would you like some tea?” “May I turn your head?” Stuff like that. I cannot tell you how many times she stopped the haircut or coloring process to ask a question to one of her peers. This was when I was alerted to the fact that she really wasn’t very experienced. The nervousness crept in for a split second until I realized that she was asking so many questions because she wanted to get it right just as much as I wanted her to get it right.

Later, I walked out of the salon feeling like a million bucks. Well, maybe half a million since I hadn’t donned any makeup that day, but I definitely felt better leaving as I did coming in. Job well done to her! She might just have a returning customer on her hands.

Did I really just write an entire post about my haircut? My apologies! Perhaps the next entry will be a little more interesting.


2 Responses to “A Hair Post for the Extremely Bored…”

  1. Lydia August 28, 2010 at 5:51 pm #

    hahahha I completely understand you.. if I come out looking better than when I went in.. then, good job! Lately I’ve been wanting to color my hair.. I have a few highlights right now.. not a lot and not THAT much noticeable .. so I’ve been thinking about going light brown with highlights OR the OTHER way around.. dark brown hahahaha :S
    and of course.. I ask Carlos, but he always says: “whatever you want baby” but then if he doesn’t like it he won’t hesitate to tell me… lol so I’m stuck

  2. Jenn August 28, 2010 at 7:49 pm #

    You lucky I have had so many bad haircuts that I’m beyond nervous to get my hair cut. A great trick I learned from my mom who is a hair dresser…. Find someone with a hair cut you like and who has your type of hair (ie curly, straight, thick, thin). This is also not for the shy type but it works if you remember that everyone loves a compliment. I always ask a few people and research cause i’m so afraid of another bad cut. lol… yours looks great!

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