25 Jul

I had a pretty darn tootin’ good weekend. Did I just say that? Anyway, Friday I almost strangled my husband but I ended up sparing him because I knew he had a rough day at the office. Here’s what happened–

We were planning a fish fry for that evening so we could get rid of all that prepare some yummy halibut for the new cadets that are shadowing the officers for a while all while simultaneously making them feel welcome in the Last Frontier. J’s plans to get off work early fell through and we had yet to go grocery shopping for the sides to go with the meal. I offered to help, but he had it “under control.”

The other minor thing he had “under control”? He was supposed to pick up the newest member of our family after she had major surgery! He didn’t do that. Oh well…it all worked out thanks to some awesome friends of mine that offered to drive me all over creation that day.

Anyway, did you catch that earlier? The new family member part? We’ve added another dog to our happy home! Meet Solstice-

We adopted another Alaskan Husky from the animal shelter here in Fairbanks. She’s 2.5 years old and cute as a button. She looks a lot like Drifter, which was what orignially drew us to her. Her coloring is much more brown, though and she probably has about 15 pounds on Drifter. She’s very sweet, but super skiddish. I think she might have been abused. Either that, or she is just way traumatized from being abandoned and forced to live with a bunch of barking dogs that weren’t part of her pack. I felt so bad for her. Her baby blues got me and I knew we couldn’t leave her there.

It’s been a rough road these past few days trying to make these two dogs get along. They’re polar opposites. He just wants to play and she just wants to be left alone. I hope that’s just the fact that she was just spayed that is driving her opinions of sweet Drifter. He has already calmed down a bit. I think she has asserted her dominance over him quite well (You go, girl!), but she is still warming up to us. I hope things get better for her. I really do! Isn’t she purdy?

Drifter says, "Pay attention to me!"

Saturday was nice, too. Captain J and I walked around town for awhile at the Golden Days Festival and then headed to the farmers market where we found an amazing reindeer sausage hot dog with “Georgia sweet tea”! Oh my gravy, was it good! We then rented movies and came home with rib eyes to throw on the grill. Nice little saturday.

Sunday was good, too. We went on a hike–but that is a post for another day because I want to go spend the time I have left with J because he’s off “in the field” again for the next week. Boo!

(*Sooooo, does anyone have any advice on introducing a new pet to the family?)



2 Responses to “Solstice”

  1. Lydia July 26, 2010 at 8:35 am #

    great post!!
    and yay! you adopted a shelter dog!! it’s so nice to read about it.!! and … beautiful dog!!!

  2. Jenn July 26, 2010 at 11:24 am #

    she is beautiful!

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