I dare you!

13 Jul

Oh, what to write…Wait, I know! I’ll tell you about the time my infamous words, “…I dare you to lick it!” came out of my precious little mouth.

It was a weekend much like any other weekend in high school was. I was hanging out with my friends, of course.  We decided to take a trip to good ole Livingston, TN where my friend, Meaghan, had family residing. I now consider these people an extention to my own little bubble that is my family for I have spent so many good times with these genuinely nice and witty people. Anyway, they have this amazing piece of property in the middle of nowhere, Tennessee that Meaghan and I just loved getting lost on. We spent time in their cabin down by a river, we four-wheeled across fields, and watched the town fall apart at the hinges when a local barn burnt down. Life is beautiful there. It’s simple. It’s great.

One evening, before the sun went down, Meaghan decided she wanted to go for a ride on one of the four wheelers through the open field. Nevermind there had been cows grazing the area not long ago. She hopped on, holding tightly to her cousin while I waited back at the house with the aroma of Josephine’s excellent home cookin’. Ten minutes later there were half scream-half laughs erupting just outside the screened swinging door. I heard incomprehendable yells as Meaghan reached the top of the stairs and proclaimed, “Josephine, tell me you have stain remover!”

You see, Meaghan neglected to think about why you couldn’t pay me to ride a four wheeler in that field. I didn’t partake in this evening activity because I knew that gobs of cow poo would prevent me from losing all my inhibitions and enjoying the ride. No, I simply could not let my hair down, close my eyes, and pretend I was flying.

Meaghan, on the other hand, thought she could until, that is, a big, smelly, brown blob of you know what smacked her right on her new hoodie. Yuck!

After she asked her aunt for stain remover, I didn’t miss a beat as I said, “After you wash it, if there’s still a stain, I dare you to lick it.”

And that, my friend, is one statement I’ll never live down. Apparently, it’s weird? But today, I still look at it as a pretty legit dare.

(This post was written in honor of my dear, LP, who is celebrating a birthday this weekend without me. I’m super sad I can’t be there, but I’ll be there in spirit. I miss you so! Happy Birthday, dear. I love you!)


3 Responses to “I dare you!”

  1. paige July 13, 2010 at 6:15 pm #

    I personally think you should write more blogs about the two of you and your many adventures or maybe more entertaining, a night spent at home with wine, songs, and laughter. Love you both!

  2. Jenn July 13, 2010 at 9:55 pm #

    a legit dare indeed.

  3. Kayla Sue July 14, 2010 at 8:02 am #

    Too funny! 🙂 I’ve actually never been on a four wheeler, or hit with cow poo:) I’d like to try the first, sometime!!

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