Moose, Caribou, and Eagles…Oh, My!

5 Jul

While my sister & brother-in-law were in town, I wanted to make sure we got down to Denali National Park so they could see that area. The day we went was perfect. The weather was beautiful and the peak of Mount McKinley was out from the clouds, which is a rare treat.

I forced encouraged them to try a short hike up this bad boy…

I told you the other day that we saw lots of wildlife and that was true for this part of the state as well. We saw bull caribou, moose, fox, and an eagle. I was happy to have been able to show them around this awesome state!

We later made a trip to see the all important Alaska Pipeline.

Most of their visit was spent just exploring and looking around at scenery such as this:

I was so glad to get to spend some time with them and I’m missing them already.

Despite sending my sister off on a plane back to TN, Captain J and I still had a pretty darn good July 4th. I hope all of you did as well. Wanna hear a patriotic song from a super cute kid? Click here.

More later!


One Response to “Moose, Caribou, and Eagles…Oh, My!”

  1. lola July 5, 2010 at 2:03 pm #

    Oooh, my… gorgeous! Glad you had a good 4th of July!

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