Dog Days I

2 Mar

Monday brought with it a new era of doggy behavior (or so I’m hoping). Yesterday, we took Drifter to his first lesson at obedience class. I was so hoping to be a proud Mama that I even wore my Drifter socks in support of him. For those of you who do not know, I love weird socks. They are basically all I wear in the winter. Well, class number one just didn’t work the miracles I was yearning for, but realistically I suppose he did alright.

He literally barked the entire class period (an hour and a half). I was like a parent who was embarrassed by their kid’s behavior for the first time. I couldn’t believe he wouldn’t calm down and be good for five minutes! All the other furry friends barked for awhile and then settled down. Not my little terror! I’m so glad J was there to restrain him. After awhile, I noticed it wasn’t an aggressive bark. Drifter just wanted to go around and meet all his new pals. Still, he was easily the worst kid in class.

There were lots of cute puppies there. There were a few sweet, older dogs, too. We are hoping these lessons pay off. If nothing else, he’ll be more socialized. There was a moment that I was very proud of our little husky…

The task at hand was to take the dog into the center of the circle and give him the command to “watch.” The others in the cirle would then vote, after all the dogs had accomplished this task, who did the best this week. I will say that Drifter at least deserved second place. He watched the longest by far, but I guess people just couldn’t get past his annoying behavior during the rest of the class period!

Now, he’s got some homework to do. It depends on how you look at it, though. I guess I’m the one with the homework! Here’s Drifter on his big day before class:

I look pretty evil in this pic, but this is the best one I could get of Drifter and me because he was anxious about being in that parking lot again. I think he thought he was headed back to the vet, which will happen soon enough.




2 Responses to “Dog Days I”

  1. Laura Weigle March 2, 2010 at 12:37 pm #

    Having kids will be a breeze after going thru this with Drifter! Patience is a virtue seek it if you can. Always seen in a women , seldom in a man!

  2. Amanda Taylor March 2, 2010 at 4:41 pm #

    Oh no, you have the bad kid in school 🙂 I do like his first day of school picture though, very cute! I like the socks too!

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