Drifter Goes to the Vet

27 Feb

Hi. This is Drifter Weigle. I should know, my mom practically yells it at me every day. Yesterday, I noticed Mom and Dad getting their coats and gloves on ready to walk out the door so I quickly went into my crate and anxiously awaited a treat. They confused me though because they lured me out to the truck with them, which doesn’t ususally happen. After a short car ride, we arrived at a fun play ground where all sorts of other dogs were playing and running. I wanted to play, too! I wasn’t there to play, though. They took me inside and made me sit and do other bothersome things. I went into this room where there were tons of treats so I really thought I might like this place. Unfortunately, they poked and prodded me and I got really mad. Overall, it wasn’t so bad, though. Here’s Mom again…

Yes, Drifter had his first vet appointment yesterday. We found out that he’s actually much younger than we thought. The pound in Anchorage told us he was about six months old. The vet in Fairbanks said he was closer to four months old! His birthday is officially on Halloween and J says that’s appropriate because he can be quite the spook at times. 🙂 Here are some more photos as requested by Jesse (my brother in law)…


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