Wasn’t Me Wednesday

24 Feb


1. It wasn’t me who ate cookies for breakfast. I would never do that!  

2. It wasn’t me who let Drifter sleep all day. I wouldn’t do that to my dear husband who wakes up with him in the middle of the night when Drifter won’t sleep.  

3. It also wasn’t me who neglected, yet again, to clean the kitchen.  

4. It wasn’t me who made plans to go out with a girlfriend tonight leaving J to his own devices for dinner.  

5. It wasn’t me who didn’t walk the dog today. I would never.




One Response to “Wasn’t Me Wednesday”

  1. kiddoak February 26, 2010 at 7:04 pm #

    We all have those days 🙂 but I totally love the numbering thing I’M NOT ALONE YAY!

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