Nice little Wednesday

18 Feb

Last night was one of those nights that I felt like all was right with the world. It was perfect and nothing special really happened. It was all special, every moment. It was one of those nights that I might want to rewind back to and push play all over again. What…you thought you were gonna get away without hearing mushy love stuff this February? Psh!

Yesterday evening was fairly warm so I let Drifter out to play and run around the yard a bit while we waited on Jordan to get in from work. We anxiously awaited greeting him as we heard the tires of his truck crunching on the snow packed driveway. Drifter, forgetting his manners as usual, runs up and jumps on him and barks and barks. He gets so excited to see him. I was pretty happy, too. I miss him when he’s at work. Jordan addresses the puppy first (:( haha) because “we have to train him that’s not okay.” I get my kiss shortly after, though so I let this slide. (Gah, a dog is competing with my attention? Kidding.) Anyway, we played outside for awhile in the snow and then decided we’d take a dip in the hot tub. We donned our swim suits and grabbed some glasses for a new bottle of white wine. We talked about our day, he shared with me heart warming stories from Iraq, and we excitededly discussed our future. All the while, Drifter was trying his hardest to jump in with us! Of course, we weren’t going to allow this so we just sat there in the hot water and massaging bubbles and scratched Drifter’s head and belly. He had to be thinking, ‘This is the life!’ I know I was. It’s so wonderful to know that I’ve met my counterpart in life, my best friend. He has completed my life and it’s the best feeling in the world. Now we have our little dog that’s going to have to serve as our child for a couple years…haha. I don’t think Drifter will mind all the attention, though.

After letting two hours slip away, we finally move into the cabin for dinner. We had no idea how long we’d been cooking ourselves outside! I whipped up some potatoes and grilled chicken that were pretty tasty if I do say so myself. All in all, it was a lovely evening with my hubby. I think now, ‘I wonder how he would describe it.’ I have used 417 words thus far, but I think he would probably sum it up with just three, “Nice little Wednesday.”


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