9 Dec

September came and I wondered if he would ever make it back from Iraq. Delays, delays, delays! Homecoming was amazing, though. It was truly a unique experience. I’ve never felt so many different emotions from so many different people in one room. It was thrilling to see J after so long, jump in his arms, and know that we have the rest of our lives to be together. Awesome, awesome feeling.

Amy and me anxiously awaiting his bus to arrive
Finally back in his arms!


When he finally got home, we only had a week or two left of September to enjoy before winter reared its ugly head. The first weekend he was home, we headed to Anchorage for the weekend. We went out a lot that weekend and found a really chill jazz/blues club. The purpose of the weekend was to find Jordan a vehicle to drive. Little did I know, he would find a CJ8 that rivals his love for me in his eyes! I’m not opposed to him having such a nice toy; I’m simply eager for warmer weather so we can enjoy it!

J and his new toy

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